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  1. I have received another email from RBS - I had asked them if they have sold the debt to WESTCOTS. They have replied to me with the following: The debt remains with the bank but Westcot are now responsible for the day to day management which includes agreeing repaying plan and assessing settlement offers. In view of this, I have asked them to review the offer and contact you once a decision is made. This is from the Executive Office RBS i am confused, as they are telling me that it si up to Westcots and although I have gone to the top of RBS, they are insisting it is up to Westcots. I have not contacted Westcots as RBS are doing that and I will hear from Westcots. This must be the new way of doing things, passing the buck???? Dont understand why if debt is still with them that they go to the comapny they have managing it - I now find myself confused and quite unsure of what happens now. Thanks for help so far Helen
  2. Received reply from RBS - They have informed me that my corrospondence has been passed to Westcot as they are responsible for the day to day management as account is with Westcot. They said Westcot will contact me once reviewed my offer. Is this normal? I have continued to pay my 1.00 to RBS and ignored Westcot to date. iS THIS WHAT USUALLY HAPPENS? Kind RegardsHelen
  3. Sent email - Funny really as did not expect reply so fast, within two hours I had a reply saying this will be looked into and I will be repsonded to within 10 days. all I can do now is have hope and keep the faith, otherwise nothing will change for me. I will keep you updated. Dissappointed they didnt respond to my letter and it took me emailing the CEO to get anywhere. I have limited access to the internet so got to have the hope they realise this is all i can offer and get in touch soon, waiting is awful.Thank you for help so far. I am ignorign Wetcloths.H
  4. Thank you for the email address. I am going to send an email today. I also received a letter from Westcots at the weekend to my old address telling me I hadnt paid the 1.00 per month since end of June.I dont pay them I have paid the 1.00 at the bank to RBS as always and totally ignored the fact Wetcloths exist.Is it normal for this type of letter?Thanks H
  5. Apologies, I keep trying to post and it wont go thorugh.Someone please help - DOES anyone have the RBS address I should be writing to when offering a settlement. I sent my letter six weeks ago now and think it is for the wrong address.Someone offered an email address - Please if anyone can helpThanks H
  6. Thank you for your reply and for merging the thread. I have my agreement and checked it all correct. Could you please send me the address I need to write to the boss at RBS FOR OFFEREING a settlement for my credit card debt. I have already posted them a letter over a month ago and heard nothing. I am now concerned I have the wrong address or they are simply ignoring it!!Kind RegardsH
  7. Yes its to do with my rbs thread. Yes please to their address I would so be grateful
  8. I have sent RBS a settlement offer over one month ago now and still not hear from them. How long does this usually take for any response? Does anyone have the correct address I should of sent credit card debt offer to? Just in case I am waiting and waiting and it is the wrong address. My life is on hold til this is sorted. Kind Regards Helen
  9. I have sent a letter to RBS offering a settlement amount and explaining my situation. This was sent on 6th August 2016 - Over month ago. I have still not heard anything and waiting is not easy. My question is How long before they eventually contact back with a response? and Does anyone have the correct address to which I would send an offer of settlement on RBS Credit Card debt so I can check i have sent it to the correct department (just in case) I dont want it to of got lost Kind Regards Helen
  10. Will try and find somewhere or someone who can scan it Regards Helen
  11. So I sent for the credit agreement and they sent it to me. What is it I am looking for on the paperwork they have sent me?Kind RegardsH
  12. Okay send recorded delivery and will not correspond with Westcot - Thank you
  13. Thank you for help so far. I have got the letter ready to send and will get that sorted. Thank you for the names of the free CRA providers that will be good to use. I will wait now and see what happens for the next 14 days Thanks for all help and kindness today and will get back to you to let you know what happens Kind Regards H
  14. Its quite a few years, I am not completely sure. Possibly 6 years or so, could be more. I presume RBS hold all the paperwork but I have already got the letter ready to send as you advised. Have not checked my credit file for many many years. How do I check it. I think years ago I had to pay to check it with a company. What do I need to check on the credit file? Oh god I dread what is on the credit report file, but would be helpful in possibly getting my credit back on track so I can eventually find a place to live
  15. Oh, so they probably wouldn't want to know? Thank you for replying anyway. I thought that some things better than nothing and then they would have money. So what happens with section 78 letter I am typing to send. Thanks for the help anyway
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