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  1. Update: I have switched provider and only paid £486 to renew my car insurance for the next 12 months. It helps that I had 2 years no claims discount as well. I would urge everyone to avoid Hastingsdirect, absolutely shocking customer service. Hastingsdirect is a company that would rather collect £40 fee and loose a £635/year customer, than waive the fee for goodwill and keep the customer.
  2. Agreed. I just got a quote through the post today from Hastings for £635.21 for the next 12 months. My investigation on a comparison site (not the popular ones) deep inside Google suggests that I can get it for about £570 per year. I will go for the cheapest option.
  3. When I had mine, the assessor seemed very kind and considerate. I got awarded 6 points for each, which means I'm not entitled to either component. I asked for mandatory reconsideration and the DWP decision remained the same. I appealed it and the daily living component wasn't awarded, but I was surprisingly awarded enhanced rate mobility. I was shocked to be honest, and I was even more shocked when I received the backlog of 10 months into my account. My advice is to be patient if you don't get what you want, go through the process and appeal it.
  4. Update: I have just received a letter from Hastings direct dismissing my complaint and reiterating that they will be sending me an invoice for the sum owed. Well, I'm resigned to my fate,I have decided to let this matter rest. Suffice it to say that when my insurance is due for renewal next month, I will not be renewing with Hastingsdirect. I have just checked a new comparison website deep inside Google, and the quotes I'm getting for my new address are the same quotes I received for my old address when I insured my car with Hastingsdirect. I quickly changed
  5. I used the google comparison site to get my current deal which is due for renewal next month. Unfortunately, google has since discontinued their comparison service. All the comparison sites showing up are giving me double my current premium, maybe it's due to my house move. I moved from Colchester to Sunderland.
  6. They said they charge a fixed £25 admin charge, plus a new premium charge for moving to a new area, which gives a total of £42.88.
  7. I paid the annual charge upfront, and I'm due for renewal by the end of July. I don't think I will be renewing with them.
  8. £25 admin fee plus extra for the premium based on the new address, £42.88 to press a few computer keys. I as well as a few million car drivers in the UK do not read in detail the initial insurance documents we agree to. I don't consider it fair for us to be penalized for it.
  9. Below is my letter of complaint to Hastingsdirect; ''Dear Customer Relations Department, I am writing to advise you of changes to my details. To explain in more detail I telephoned Hastingsdirect today with regards to a change of address. I was not informed by the call centre operator that it would incur a fee. I was only informed at the end of the call that I would be charged £42.88 for it. I immediately told him to cancel it as I wouldn't be able to afford the change for now, my car insurance is due for renewal next month. He refused and said I m
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