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  1. Hello EB. How can I proof that about managing agent? I have searched those cases but could not find anything. Thank you.
  2. I have scanned the part that is relevant and it is attached. The rest is pictures of the site with their signage and copies of the letters they have send to me. The relevant case they gonna use is Parking Eye vs Beavis where they attached press summary. claimant_documents.pdf
  3. Hello. I am back I have received the pack from the UKCPS. The witness statement is signed by debt recovery manager, if that is allowed. They have brief description of the people and said left side via xxx site, no pictures. They've presented an agreement contract instruction which says: type- full enforcement services. It is said in the WS that UKCPS have full authority from the MANAGING AGENTS (not the landowner ) to issue charges on the land. I can not say how legitimate is. There are also a lot of pictures on the site. I am still waiting a letter from the council regarding planning permission. I will be in their office tomorrow as probably there are not very keen to write such a letter.
  4. Hello EB I sent my full defence where I referred to 2 cases - Obbotson and Gaskell. I printed out those cases and sent them with 3 pictures (signage at the entrance and the main one) which I also refered in the defence. I was not sure how to incorporated them in my WS which was series of events. Both could be written well better from someone with more experience but.. Whatever happens on the hearing I don't care any more. Just want to be over. I just had enough stress and time lost in reading forums (which are very helpful though)what to do and how to defend myself. If I get such a parking ticket in the future I would never leave it to go to court again. I will update you soon.
  5. Thank you EB I have been waiting for that. Unfortunately I have posted mine this morning which is not that good. I am boarding now. I will update when I come back to say what paperwork I have received. Thanks again.
  6. I am still not sure about this: If I am not sending full defence and my WS is simple and short and now involving speculation, how I am gonna incorporate other relevant cases and other proofs like signage at the entrance and in the car park? Thank you
  7. I need to send WS which says what happened on that day and then what correspondence we send/received. I spoke over the phone with council and I got that they do not have the permission. I asked for a letter but I don't have it yet. Do I include this info? when I got to hearing do I need any supportive documents or proofs? I am reading controversial information all the time thats why I am still asking questions.
  8. I hoped you will come with some info about the WS. I will keep googling then. What i need to include in that bundle: WS, full defence and supportive evidence. Is trancrips from other cases included or Law like POFA 2012 or IPC code ? I have a few pictures to include. What else? Any info is much appreciated.
  9. It's not 2 weeks before the deadline. My deadline is 3.10.16 They should received the paperwork no less than 14 days before hearing, right? If I post on 27.09 second class will be 3-4 days in advance if you count the weekend.
  10. Hello dx. Can I have you help please? I would like to finalise my paperwork tomorrow and I will send it Tue morning. I don't want to leave it till I come back. Please. Thank you.
  11. Thank you dx. they know my points. Is there a link to a good example of witness statement I can use?
  12. What about sending it to the claimant. It would be less than 14days. Do the claimant have access to my defence on MCOL? I would be relieved if the paperwork is ready before I go on holiday.
  13. Hearing is on 17.10.16 and I have to send the WS by 3.10.16 The problem is I am going on holiday on 27.09 and coming back on 4.10 So I have to send them on Mon 26.09.16
  14. hi dx. Can you advice me what to write in my witness statement and what supportive documents to send pleaseeee. I have no much time really and I was about to ring them but I was waiting for your reply. I can send you my witness statement so you can check it if it is in the right direction. I still don't know where this full defence stays. Should I send it to anybody or keep it for myself. You are my last hope. Thank you.
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