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  1. Hi, I today was caught travelling in first class carriage on south west trains from waterloo by one of the revenue inspection officers. I had a valid season ticket oyster card ticket for the train but was not valid to be in first class frustrating as only reason i was in there was due to the overcrowding in standard class. in my annoyance at the ticket officer i gave a fake name and address which was pretty stupid as think he will have my oyster card number down so will be able to track me down irregardless. I would much appreciate any of your help on any of the three questions below. 1) Does anyone know about how to go about changing their information on a fine? e.g how to contact them? 2) I am concerned that in my frustration has putting the wrong name down has might lead them to prosecute has anyone else been in the same situation? 3) Does anyone know what the fine will be for being in a first class zone without a first class ticker even if you have a valid standard class ticket?
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