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  1. Yes, he still have them. Luckily he saved all the docs used for his Visa application. What are the chances of hmrc updating their records when the company doesn't exist anymore? and he is worried, hmrc would pin this on him and come after him for the unpaid taxes even though the company has deducted from his salary. Sadly he has only payslips and a company letter from the employment. And no p45 or p60.
  2. Hi, My friend recently found that his employer from 2009/2010 hadn't registered him with HMRC PAYE but they have deducted the paye and NI from his salary and gave him payslips. Also the company was dissolved somewhere in 2012/2013 and noway he could contact them. He only found out when he inquired hmrc about his employment history for the past 6 years which he needed for his visa application. How can he update hmrc records with this employment when the employer can not be found? What is the best resolution for him? Thanks.
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