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  1. I noticed the time being 3 minutes!!!!!. Yes we own our flat so the whole thing seems ridiculous, I spoke to the managing agents this morning and they as always are not interested, all they said was " well we do need ethical parking to manage the carpark, otherwise everyone will be using it". I hate the fact that we pay the agents to manage our building and this is the crap we have to deal with.
  2. Hi, here is the ticket with personal info deleted. Many thanks. Here is the signage on the carpark. CBC.pdf
  3. Thanks, I will attach the images tommorow with personal details removed. Appreciate your help.
  4. That's good to know bankfodder, this is all alien to me so I am very grateful to have this forum to post in.
  5. Just to clarify, do you mean that the tenancy agreement works in our favour?
  6. Hi Silverfox, sorry, I really should of noticed that!. Thank you for your advice and we will wait now.
  7. Thank you!. Really don't want my dad to have to hand over £100 to them as this is what the fine goes up to if it's not paid within 14 days, this is today.
  8. While away on holiday my Father removed our Ethical Parking Permit ( as he thought it was the permit for our road) from our car which was parked on our buildings car park. We then received a ticket on our car saying we have a fine. The fine is for a "Contractual Breach" as our car was parked without displaying the permit. We own our flat and really don't see why we should pay this as it seems like blatant opportunism on their part as we have explained that we live there and it was a mistake. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks in advance
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