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  1. Thank you Ford sorry was rushing a little when I posted, I submitted a claim via Money Claim Online, I have to provide the defendant with separate detailed particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form before 28th June 2016, just wanted to know how to address the letter to the defendant. Thanks
  2. I was working self employed for a company. In December they stopped paying me, I sent them an email on the 10 January 2016 stating that I wouldn't be able to come into work as I hadn't been paid for 3 weeks and I needed to now look after my 2 year old as I was in arrears with the childminder,I did say that I could come in once it was sorted, they called me 20 minutes later and said they will be picking up the company car and all of there property. there's 4 outstanding invoices for £1000 still unpaid, I tried to resolve the matter with the company but there not replying. I have now put though
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