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  1. response from aa customer service who i emailed first before i was given the reference by AA CHAT ON THIS FORUM TO CONTACT THEM Thank you for your email of 20 June regarding your AA Car Insurance policy. I am sorry that you have had cause to contact us. I understand you are unhappy to discover that your policy has been cancelled due to the failure to maintain a valid direct debit instruction under your Credit Instalment Agreement. You have advised you did not receive any letters regarding this matter. I have investigated your concerns and can confirm that a letter was sent to you dated 4 May explaining the mandate had been cancelled which is a breach of the agreement. This resulted in a £12 default and also notified you of our intention to collect the full outstanding balance if the mandate was not reinstated. On 24th May, we attempted to collect the full annual payment from the payment card used to make the deposit but the payment was unsuccessful. As such, a further letter was sent dated 27 May explaining the policy would be cancelled with effect from 5 June. As no response was received to these letters, the policy was cancelled. I am sorry if you did not receive them however, they have not been returned undelivered by the Post Office and as such, we did not know they had not been received. A copy of the letters have been attached for your reference. In view of the above, I can only confirm that your insurance policy has been correctly cancelled as per the "Termination" terms and conditions of your Credit Instalment Agreement (Section 7a). Unfortunately, I am not in a position to uphold your complaint as I have not found any evidence of AA error. To fulfil our regulatory requirement, I am obliged to inform you that I will close my file, however, if you would like me to address any additional matters, please let me know using the contact details provided. You have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge. Although there are time limits for referring your complaint to the Ombudsman, we will consent to the Ombudsman considering your complaint even if you refer the complaint outside the time limits. Please refer to the attached hyperlink for further details if required. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/ In closing, I understand my response may fail to meet your expectations and for this I apologise however, I hope I have been able to clarify the situation further. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. Yours sincerely Calum McLaughlin Member Relations CS/4401150 AAP0278969 Tel: 0344 209 0556 or 0161 333 5910 CustomerSupport@theAA.com
  2. hi received the following 2 separate emails from the AA attached files still awaiting response . today i also received this letter see were i have highlighted it , they now say i have defaulted on my payment and now cancelled . also demanding payment ,they cancelled before payment due it gets better. july1.pdf july2.pdf july 4.pdf
  3. Hi no arrears that was the agreement deposit date 22.4 and first payment 21.6 this is what the policy stated as below first payment 59 days after policy start date Payment information We can confirm that your Instalment Account will be debited with the total amount payable of £611.01. We have already collected a deposit of £53.97 and the remaining balance will be paid in monthly instalments. You will shortly receive a separate pack from us containing details of your instalment plan plus a Credit Agreement to sign and send back. Your cover for the year ahead Total inc. interest: £611.01 Deposit amount: £53.97 Monthly: £50.64* The monthly amount includes interest charged at a rate of 14.68% flat rate (APR 26.9%). The total quoted includes a discount of £21.90. *The monthly amount is estimated based upon 11 monthly payments commencing 59 days after your cover start date. Details of your payments will be included in your Credit Agreement pack which will be with you shortly. The total cost of the above AA Car Insurance includes our fee of £28.00 under your contract with us, AA Insurance Services, for arranging your AA Car Insurance. The total amount where applicable includes Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the prevailing rate. Making a claim If you need to make a claim, call our claims department on 0800 269 622. Calls to this number are free and lines are open 24/7.
  4. Sorry I'll upload in the morning , thought people asked what I paid deposit , installment amounts , date paid ,date due etc..and this ..document as that info on it
  5. hi my agreement attached by link what and when i paid , i have emailed the complaints department of the AA regarding this as advised to by citizens advice before the AA commented on this post , i am awaiting their response. as said above with the AA cancelling the insurance on the 9th of June . i had been putting my daughter and my son and myself and other road users at risk daily as my daughters school is 10 miles from our house , from the 9th of June until i was stopped by the police on the 15th June completely unaware i wasn't insured . if i had of received a letter from the AA saying they was cancelling because mandate wasn't in place it would of been dealt with straight away and sorted , im not fond of traumatizing my 8 year old child who is autistic who had no understanding of why we wasn't allowed to take our car home and was left with the belongings i could carry out of the car at side of the road . he has now become very scared of police and panic's if he sees a police car saying there going to take our new car away as with his condition its very hard to explain to him for him to have an understanding . and i wouldn't risk also loosing a car , receiving a fine and a CRIMINAL RECORD . i will wait for the response from the AA customer service department and post their response on here , if someone could advise if they are in breach of FCA ICOBS regulations. with the attached credit agreement this would be really appreciated . i am also very grateful for all your advise as i have not got a clue what to do about the matter at all and totally feel let down by the AA i would be interested in talking to the media if i didn't get any satisfactory outcome as i think others should be aware of the risks .
  6. deposit was payed at the start of the policy 22.04 .16 my first installment was not due till the 21st june ,
  7. not that i can find any were i have read the terms and conditions , searched the website and all i can find is that a £12 administration fee will be charged if i fail to maintain a direct debit instruction .,
  8. Hi yes they did take a deposit from me at the start of the policy my first installment wasn't due till the 21st of June my insurance was cancelled on the 9th according to police
  9. I did I said I was supposed to cancel home services mandate not car insurance mandate and they just said we'll it's canceled because no mandate in place
  10. Hi needing a bit of advice can the AA cancel a car insurance policy if there are no arrears??? I took out the policy paid the deposit and received all documentation . My first direct debit monthly payment is due on the 21st June 2016 . I cancelled my direct debit with my bank for aa home services but I must have cancelled wrong mandate . The first I knew about the cancellation was when I was stopped by police and was told my car unisured on the 15th June . I asked if they could call the AA as i thought I was insured and they had made a mistake. The officer spoke to the AA and was advised that they had cancelled the policy on the 9th of June due to the mandate had been cancelled . therefore I had my car impounded and was given fixed penalty, and left at side of the road with my son who was extremely distressed as he is autistic. I contacted the AA and they said I had been informed by writing but I have received no letters from them , I asked them why they had cancelled as no payment due till the 21st of June so no any overdue payments all they could say was because no mandate in place Surely I should have had the opportunity from them to set one back up before they decided to cancel the insurance as no payment due . I have today received a letter from the aa membership which was at a discounted rate with the car insurance to advise that mandate had been cancelled and could I reset it back up , that's not been cancelled . are they within their rights just to cancel when mandate cancelled, when I'm in no arrears, no payment yet due , I would not have know until the monthly payment wasn't taken from my account on the 21st June if i had not been stopped by the police I have now been left without a vehicle as cannot afford impound fees and now facing 6 points and £ 300 fine . No where in my policy book does it say they can cancel if direct debit mandate cancelled only says they can cancel if sent a default for a overdue payment . Please help any advice would be appreciated.
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