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  1. thanks Andy - any help or advice!
  2. Hi, Having this on-going problem with SCS. ordered 2 leather sofa's, first delivery was a mess - the delivery team damaged my property as well as the sofa's. I initially refused delivery until SCS assured me the sofa's will be replaced, which they where recently. Sofa's where fine but they are sagging after a week of use - not what I was expecting from £3000+ worth of sofa's. Is there anything I can do about this? The damaged to my property is still to be resolved - damaged door frame/wall/skirting/scratches/etc. After 20 weeks trying to get compensation I was offered £60. Which I rejected and reiterated the damage as SCS did not seem to understand the amount of damage which was done by their delivery crew - I rejected this 2 weeks ago via email as it was via email I received the offer but it seems like I am being ignored now - I have sent them many pictures of the damage. At a loss of what my next step should be - Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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