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  1. Nothing to stop them turning their garden into a driveway, the issue is the access, which they don't have and would be across the communal visitors space. Just have to make them agree to replace it if it affects selling price further down the line.
  2. Thanks ericsbrother! Unfortunately, its vehicle access over private property which is jointly owned and I don't even know who the others are. Sueing seems drastic and would be far too expensive. Unfortunately think im just going to have to put up with it and make sure they know they dont have my permission. Hey ho!
  3. Hi, Some advice please. I live in a small cul de sac where we each have 2 parking spaces and also two visitors spaces which are jointly owned by all of us. One of the visitors spaces is at the far end next to a neighbours garden and the neighbours there have always used it as their own private space. They are aware it is a visitors space (because they have told me they are aware) and the deeds state this. No one has ever complained as we like them and didn't want to cause any problems. Also, most of the residents are tenants so unaware of the fact
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