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  1. n1ch3s - I'm in exactly the same position, and I felt uneasy but now I know (thanks to this forum) that they've gone into liquidation, I'm holding tight. Let's keep in touch on here.
  2. THANK YOU. This forum is superb. I've already donated but will again when I'm flush. sk1p
  3. Right hassle. and yes, it bothers me. renegadeimp - thank you! That's reassuring.
  4. Just posted elsewhere that I've had letters today saying that they - right hassle, that is - "anticipate" being instructed to take me to court. Carry on ignoring then? Advice welcome! (I love this forum).
  5. Hi all, and hopefully ericsbrother, as you've been so helpful before. It was ages and I thought I'd heard the last of them, but now they seem to have sold the debt on and I've a had few more letters - remember this is twice in the space of half an hour - that's how much I didn't see any signage. The letters continued to express that they "may" be asked to take me to court. This time, the wording has changed - to "we anticipate", and referring to CCJs and court costs. Advice? I've held out this long. Many thanks in advance for your help... Sk1p
  6. Just to keep you updated, I've just had yet ANOTHER letter from a solicitors, now acting for ZZPS, who say that if I don't pay up, they may take me to court. As long as they're using the word 'may' I'm resisting. If you have advice that I should be doing something else, please, please let me know.
  7. I had one of those letters too. The words of this forum ringing in my ear, I decided to ignore it. I assumed the debt had been sold on. This forum is brilliant though that recent Parking Eye ruling is very worrying. Those crooks NEED to be put out of business.
  8. They're not fines, you're right. My bad. I love the Parking Prankster strapline - putting the fun back into parking. Love him already.
  9. Hello good people Today's the day when I've become certain that I won't be hearing from Sussex Security Solutions again or their cousins, Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. The last letter was sent mid-July and I've not heard from them since. I'm amazed that these companies are still allowed to trade as they are utter crooks. I teach in a prison but these parking companies, they're the REAL crooks. Thank you so much for your support. This forum is brilliant. If I was able to buy a paper copy of your handbook I would definitely, as it'd make a great teaching resource. Thanks again. I just rang the charity shop opposite the spot, and the lovely lady told me that SSS had sold the unpaid fines to a debt recovery company in Cornwall - she didn't know the name - who are writing to people to say they've bought the debt and now owe them. She says they're actually not allowed to do this but that it's frightening people into paying up. Truly shocking stuff in my view.
  10. I was told I should pay but people on here said not to and so far, I'm holding out. I'm hoping that, come the end of the year, it'll be me 1, Nicolas Van Hoogstraten 0. #fingerscrossed
  11. The charity shop nearby told me they get on average 10 calls a day about tickets about that spot. I was a visitor to Lewes, I had no idea about the notorious parking situation. The last MP made some progress by banning clamping, I think.
  12. FWIW I got a ticket from PE on a Morrisons car park, paid, stupidly, then rang Morrisons to complain and they got in touch with PE and got it revoked and the money returned to my account. I'd try the same with the auction house. It's not good PR, especially given that picking stuff up is something their customers are always going to be doing.
  13. Since the "we may recommend to our client that he take you to court" letters, sent mid-July, I've heard nothing. Do please keep the new discussion on this thread as I'm very interested to see what happens to other people!
  14. Thank you so much for your encouragement, it's really appreciated, ericsbrother
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