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  1. An update... I sent off my DPA letter on the 1st July.. about a week later received a letter from Peter Townsend returning my £10 and saying they would send copies of statement FOC this time. No statement by the 16th August so sent the letter before action, letter still no statements or a letter in response... Starting to grate so phoned him direct at Radford Hall ..........01565 614000. He says he has sent them but will send them again .... Why dont they send them recorded delivery so I can see they have been delivered and not lost in the post or whatever has happened to the others. So hopefully they will be here in the next few days... I have my highlighter ready!!!
  2. gemmanjim


    Thank you all for your comments, I can see each side of the arguement. I will write a polite but firm letter to PC World Head Office and see how I go. As spirited notes 'that PC World providing a finance option over four years on the laptop was indicating that the laptop would reasonably be fit for purpose for that time period' this will be my main point of the letter. I wont gain anything if I dont try. Thank you all again Gemma
  3. Well Done Ice I am just starting out on my journey so this has raised my spirits, Im in it for the long haul!
  4. Thanks Guys, I have posted my DPA letter today..... feeling a little nervous :-| but my eye is fix firmly on the prize... The prize of getting my money back and making Barclays suffer. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha (evil laugh)
  5. I better get my boxing gloves on (I've been training down the gym!). OK I will have a look - its a packard bell by the way but will check their website again.
  6. Yes at PC World near Asda! Exactly what I have said to OH. He's like 'huh its broke but what can you do?' I reply 'fight!'
  7. I have a simular problem I brought my laptop 14months ago (£600) and recently the screen wouldnt work and now it ceases to even start. I'm gong to try and claim some kind of repair or refund as this certainly aint on! but If anyone has any further advise as to how to go about it please feel free to let me know. Thanks Gemma p.s Rich44 I live on the North Norfolk Coast!!
  8. Hello, I am currently writting my DPA letter to Barclays and wanted to ask you lovely lot a couple of questions before I send it off. 1 - Is it more than likely I will have to go to court with Barclays? I only ask as OH starts to panic when he hears courts although I have tried to reasure him that he wont be on trial! 2 - We are due to go on holiday in the middle of September (12th-28th ish) it is wise to hold off trying to claim until we return as I dont want to miss deadlines etc when away?! Sorry if these Q's have already been asked or are pointless, I want to get it right and make Barclays suffer!
  9. gemmanjim


    Oh I dont have extended warrenty.. I did take it out initially but thought 'naa... I dont really need it!!!!' and cancelled the DD - if only I knew! I live with the in-laws at their pad and I really dont want to claim on their house insurance and put up their premimum.
  10. gemmanjim


    The only action I have taken so far is to have my friend who is hot on computers look at it to inform me that the screen has definatley gone and that it might not be starting up now beacuse of it. I wanted to make sure that I had some kind of leg to stand on before shouting my mouth off down the phone So with The Sale of Goods Act 1979 I should quote those which apply to them and ask for the laptop to be looked at FOC and either repaired (FOC), replaced or refunded? Which company should I ask PC world or packard bell? Sorry for the questions it just that I want to get it right as it cost (still costing) alot of money (in my eyes). Thank you
  11. gemmanjim


    Hello newbie here, I brought a Packard Bell Easynote R4 (laptop) from PC World about 14 months ago and recently the screen stopped working and now it wont even start up. I'm a but miffed as me and the OH thought it would last about 3/4 years and we got finance on it (which we are still paying for! ). Can anyone give me some advise as to how I can go about getting a replacement or refund (so i can re-pay the finance)? Thank you in advance. Gemma
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