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  1. just got quote from AC and i am down £1100 for all labor for inspections etc and full gearbox rebuild
  2. Already my thinking and going out to look for new car today which wont be a vauxhall
  3. Ok So, engineers report in and described as "fair wear and tear of main shaft bearing", warranty company will not pay out and Vauxhall have clammed up and will not comment. Arnold Clark are contacting Vauxhall for possible claim and are getting price from gearbox specialist to replace damaged part so i can trade in vehicle without any hassle. Utterly shocked at a gearbox going at 33k regardless of age and will definitely influence my next car purchase(next week).
  4. ~~Update~~ Arnold Clark advised they would get pictures taken of gearbox for nothing as goodwill gesture, pictures have been sent to NetworkQ and they rejected the claim saying "fair wear and tear". Arnold clark went back to them stating "fair wear and tear at 33k miles?", since then NetworkQ have arranged a seemingly independent engineer to come to Arnold Clark and inspect the gearbox which is being done today. I have spoken directly with Vauxhall who are taking no stance on the matter and are advising they will not force a decision either way. I think i am onto plums and will end up with a £450 bill for inspection and a car with a fault i cannot afford to fix.
  5. hi No, as was only looking for advice New update and gearbox would need to be sent to specialist at cost to me just to confirm cost, if warranty not authorized then i am in total £1000 lighter. not doing it as not worth the risk so getting rid of car. thanks for assistance
  6. Hi Warranty is already in my name with no cost of transfer and i have previously made 3 claims via Arnold Clark. With the diagnosis there is a clear fault as i have gear stick movements and whining noise which is consistent with m32 gearbox bearing failure.
  7. Hi Thanks warranty has been transferred to me and was done at point of car transfer. everything to do with the car is in my name solely. I will update once diagnosed thanks again
  8. sorry, forgot to include can has full service history with all stamps and receipts and always done at Vauxhall(arnold clark)
  9. hi Would not be involving his estate as his widow does not need anymore bother. Car purchased new by him 26th july 2010 and extended warranty purchased july 2013 by him through networkQ(now the warranty group). Still awaiting removal of gearbox for full diagnosis and final say from NetworkQ once pictures submitted, during phone call to them it was suggested bearings not covered as wear and tear item but upon investigation this is common fault with M32 gearbox. I suppose I am jumping the gun at the moment as they have not said it is not covered at this time.
  10. Hi Thanks for reply I have had the car for 18 months and when i got it it had 20438k on the clock. I paid 3k for it as a courtesy to my mother in law as the car was my father in laws from new until he passed away in aug 2014.
  11. new to forums and just saying Hi
  12. Hi New to forums. Just put my 2010 vauxhall insignia in garage on tuesday 14th due to gearstick movement and whining noise, I have on 33k on the clock. Garage have attempted warranty claim through extended warranty that i have and they are requesting removal of gearbox and pictures to be sent, based on what I have read on here looks like bearings have went and most likely will not be covered. can anyone offer any advice on what i should do in the event of failed claim as i simply dont have 3k to drop on a new gearbox.
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