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  1. For sure, It's just that waiting on that is taking a long time and i've had one bank end their relationship with me over it after I applied for a planned overdraft, Thanks for your advice anyway!
  2. I know they purchase debts, however the issue i've had with the bank (Barlcays, Unplanned Overdraft) is that there were a bunch of OD fees and FX fees which made up this overdraft caused by an issue related to how debit card transactions happen overseas. I've currently got an FOS complaint open about it which took a while to raise as I was living overseas and had a number of issues at the time which delayed me taking the complaint forwards. So, is my only option is to wait it out? Thanks
  3. Hi Bankfodder Debt was from 2016, Last payment missed was Feb 2016, Default issued June 2016. Thanks!
  4. Hi There, Apologies if i've missed a thread about this but i've tried looking for quite some time and not seen any recent threads about this. Thanks for all your help prior to this with such easy to follow threads and advice. PRA Group have come back to me after I submitted a request for the original agreement saying their client can't find it but have said the following What should my next move be to have this debt removed from my credit files? Regards
  5. 4 transactions to the same company. 2 for £250, 3 for £100 and one for £50 Company is "Virtual World Services GmbH." who appear to be some kind of store selling online currencies for games or something.
  6. The transactions happened last week, I contacted them within an hour of getting the emails. Paypal did an ID block (Meaning they needed my ID to verify my identity before they could unblock the account and allow me to change the password) I have all the transaction id's and have shared them with PayPal and have contacted their customer relations team. Their response was the following. Dear xx, Thank you for contacting PayPal. Unfortunately, we are unable to take any action on these transactions because itis not eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection. To be eligible for PayPal
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm really worried sick at the moment and i was hoping someone on here could be of assistance. I've had all of my paypal funds sent to various dodgy looking companies to the total of £950. I had recently been doing a bunch of selling on eBay so the funds were sat in there so i could pay the fees. I raised an unauthorised transaction report for all of the transactions as well as changing all of my security questions and login info and they've come back saying that they don't detect any unauthorised usage so will not be assisting me. I called them and they said there
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