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  1. No the letters are going to an address I am not at and haven't been for years, just happen to know the people there now.
  2. Thanks uncleb, They have SD acting for them here also but those tactics are coming from them in Oz on there Sydney number, I guess as SD would be slapped for that conduct here.
  3. Thanks dx100uk, They are calling from Australia I think, saying to family members they know me and my mother and that they need our contact details, arrghhh.
  4. Hi Guys, sorry never saw this last post, as just left things. No I do not own property in the UK. I have no idea what it is to be honest, as the amount stated has about 8000 fees added to it. It is statute barred now and they are calling people from facebook from australia who my family are connected with on facebook. Is there an authority in Oz who can be contacted to stop them doing this? Many thanks I think it is Statute Barred now or in the next couple months, I think it is either a CC or Phone contract that they wouldn't cancel.
  5. Ah haha yes makes sense now. Most of the threads I read were never finished and a couple actually had court papers filed which they opposed but then never finished the thread so that made me want to ask some questions.
  6. Sorry D, might be that I have been staring at the computer for about 4 hours now, reading but I am trying to understand your last post, apologies.
  7. Thanks very much DX, will update if I receive anything more, just had one letter.
  8. Hi dx100uk, thanks for such a quick response. Yes through SD in crawley, it is for something that I have no idea about and left there around 5 years ago.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm new to cag, so I hope what I'm putting is ok. I have read most threads if not all on here about similar cases but I wanted to start my own to get some advice that is specific as there is so many different things being said. Are Complete Credit Solutions Pty registered with AU FOS or Asic or should they be to carry out collections? Thanks for any answers in advance.
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