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  1. Quotation of repairs is £1949 which have been approved my hastings, my excess is £100, why is it so hard to get a settlement when you guys have beated me around the bush, left me wasting my time for one whole week and missing work and vital income! Promising a service but then withdraw on more than one ocasion, i have an ongoing complaint now with hastings themselfs and will be taking this to the fos as this is unacceptable.
  2. Hi can you rearrange a call back for me, i called back but dont think ive been put threw to the right team. And i did not recieve your email. Only one i had was to hand in driving license documents. Well all your calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. And im quite suprised at to what you are accusing me of! 1. You said my car was repairable and You fowarded me to albany 2. albany instructed me on two different occasions from two different garages that they will pick up my car and give me a courtesy while my car was being repaired. They have a 24 hour period to which they have to provide this service. I waited 3 days! Promises where made on both sides, albany and hastings. 3. Once they where not able to provide this I confirm that i was told by albany that my car was a total loss before anyone even came to view my car. This was also hastings stance! until i forced you guys to send out an independent assesors (AIA)! 4. I personally went to the approved garage recommended to me albany and hastings to get a qoute on repairs 5. Aia now deem car repairable 6. Hastings now willing to pay out for repairs But i have no time to go to a garage or time for someone to come pick my car up. I HAVE NOT ONCE MENTIONED I DO NOT WANT TO PAY THE EXCESS!! THIS IS MANDORTARY AND I ACCEPT THIS! PLEASE DO NOT LIE! ALL I WANT IS A SETTLEMENT MINUS MY EXCESS. OR IF YOU WANT I WILL PAY EXCESS BEFORE SETTLEMENT SAME THING! I have been beaten around the bush. And cant just believe what i have seen on here now. Please call me asap as this is unacceptable! Many thanks dee
  3. How earlier can i ask for their final response. The reason being i work 12 hour shifts 8am to 8pm, already have taken a week off work and dont have the time anymore until two weeks time. Also they have promised on numerous occasions to pick my car up and provide a courtesy car, but always cancel or say they dont have a courtesy car available, this happened on two occasions at the begining. Had advisors telling me they will personally outsource one from enterprise and will definatly be available. Im really fustrated and had enough of wasting my time trying to get a repair done from them. They outsource everything. They are not a insurance company just a broker, it is in fact provided by advantage. I only realised this after i got my policy!
  4. Ok so an update They did not phone me back within 24hours from a manager and had to chase this up again! Funny enough that today i was able to talk to one straight away and yesterday it was "wait 24hours". That aside, she could not do anything for me what so ever, than what was already being offered which was again use the albany garage or your own. I cant do etheir i work 12 hours shifts and have already taken a whole week off work to sort this out and the next time im able to take it to the garage is in 2 weeks and even then they will have to add me to the waiting list. Ive been told before i go the fos route i have to raise an in house complaint which takes 8 weeks? Is that correct? But ive raised it with her but have so much mistrust that i will call tomorrow to check if she has put this through to them as i was apparently unable to be put threw to them now to make a complaint? And she would on my behalf. Im happy waiting now as i have no other option but could someone confirm this to me. Many thanks in advance
  5. Thanks martin, i also had no reply tash/joe I have since taken it to my local garage and no futher damage was found and hooked up a diagnostic machine and no accident related issues.
  6. Hi tash/joe I have replied with the required info. All i want is to save money and time on this as i have given enough of it already which probably wont be reimburesed. A cash in lieu is the ideal situation as i do not have time anymore to spare on this. Whether it be to find a new garage or to give time on repairs. I just want to be compensated. Hope to hear from you soon Deeee
  7. The aia reports states my cars value at £2400 and repair costs at £1900
  8. Thanks for your help as i am left in the dark here
  9. I am thinking of going down the fos route, as i believe they will be in my favour, i trued explaining this to hastings as it is extra cost for them also
  10. Please excuse my spelling Hi on the 5th of june 2016 i was involved in a accident, which is a possible fault claim however this is still under dispute as i do not believe i am at fault. i called up hastings the next day to register my claim, they deemed my damage repairable and suggested i use a company called albany, the worst mistake i made. They also agreed my car was repairable. I was told i would have my car collected and given a courtesy car within the 24 hour time limit albany had to adhere to, I registered with them at 4pm on 6th of june and was told their approved garage which was miles away (long lane motors) from me will pick up my car and provide a courtesy by 11am the next morning. 11am came and i haven't heard a word from anyone, called up albany and they said the garage (long lane motors) was unable to provide an alternative vehicle and they have now changed my garage to one even further away place (thompson motors). I didnt even receive a call to notify me of this and had to call after their agreed time to find out that my car wont be collected today after taking a day off work. i thought fair enough but was told now to wait an additional 24 hours, which was unacceptable as i already had taken a day off work. When questioning this, as i already had waited 24 hours, the advisor told me that my 24hours had in fact started at 9am today as my claim was submitted after 5pm the day before which was a lie. I confronted her on this and told her where i could make a complaint, i was advised there was no official complaint procedure and no supervisors on site. I was not having it and was on there website looking at their page where i could make the complaint, i made her aware of this, to which she put me on hold for 20mins, came back and told me quite bluntly "sorry your car is now deemed a total loss, and we wont be handling your vehicle any longer and will report back to your insurers with this" I was perplexed as to what had just happened, and quickly got off the phone and called hastings. They advised me that my car was in fact deemed a total loss and albany use a matrix system to evaluate if the costs are economically repairable. Fair enough but would they not do this at the beginning before taking my claim on? It all seemed a bit fishy to me. I spoke to this girl from hastings that directly deals with albany (lauren i think) and she was appalled and made a complaint on my behalf. I told her my car has not been looked at once not even a photo so how is it you deem my car as a total loss. she sent out an "independent" assessor (AIA) and was also told i can use my own garage to get an estimate, the AIA assessor came on the 8th and viewed my car to see if it was repairable and value it. I asked him what he thought and he said it will be a total loss due to it being uneconomically repairable. i waited on his report, while i was waiting i thought id get a quote from a garage as to how much it would cost. I used thomson motors (the 2nd one albany gave to use) to get an estimate as i've never used a garage like this before. They asked me for photos and not to go in. It is now the 10th and i've called up my insurance about the AIA report and was told it had not arrived yet and they will call me on saturday to let me know and they said "it looks like it could be repairable". Ok i said to find out they are not even open on weekends! monday came and i'm now told it is repairable and the repair has been approved subject to striping of my car to check if there is no further damage. But i did not want to use this albany approved garage as i had a terrible experience with them. I only used them to get an estimate. I told my insurance that i was happy with a cash in lieu to settle this as they now have a pre accident valuation and also the repair cost. And i did not trust their process as i had been lied to on many occasions and told id be called back over 15 different times and got just one call and that was for me to send in my driving license! they passed this over to their in house engineers to give me a settlement i was told and would again be given a call back!. the next day arrived i gave them a call they had no idea what i was talking about and was told the in house engineers open at 9am. I then received a call at 11am but missed it due to work. I called back and they don't know who called me or why? I told them that i am waiting or an offer from the engineers to which i was told they do not do cash in lieu and that my car was a total loss and if i wanted to keep the car i would only be paid out 24% of the value of the car, i told him have you read my notes to which he replied "yes". Once again i was shocked, he was very rude and i asked to speak to another advisor. I was on hold for 45mins to a team that have nothing to do with my case. Hung up after getting fed up and have now just spoken to this girl and she had told me that they wont be now offering a cash in lieu and i should take my car to the albany approved garage to get it stripped to see if there is any more damage, even after i had mentioned i want nothing to do with albany! She has now referred me to a manager to again give me a call back. I have looked at the AIA report and believe it is correct and there is no further damage to my vehicle. How can i proceed with this as i have spent 8am-8pm all last week monday to friday on the phone to them. I did not go into work all week and it is now effecting this week. I have been lied to on many different levels, how do i proceed with this as i don't have faith in the their system any longer. Many thanks in advance
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