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  1. I just received another letter stating the following: Reduced payment offer of £136.00 to avoid potential court proceedings. We refer your letter dated 27/06/2016. As we did not receive payment from you, we referred your case to the creditor with recomendation that they appoint their solicitor to commence court proceedins against you. In order to comply with 'pre-action protocol' and to demonstrate to the court their attempts to settle this matter before the need for court proceedings, our client is prepared to accept a reduced payment of £136.00 in full and final s
  2. I am not a Gala member. It actually confused me when I arrived and rushed to the cinema. It is the same building with big Gala sign across it and I though cinema belongs to same company. There is no really obvious signs and I thought that its surely allowed to park there if im having cinema ticket (like in Odeon cinemas you can have free parking if you provide movie ticket at the end of the session). Some forum threads advices to send one refusal letter denying the request to pay and give a reason(s) and not to get engaged in any more communication. Also I foun
  3. As I am a new registered member in the forum I cannot post web links yet.. They are located at 129 Pier Ave, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 1NJ and the small triangle shaped car park in front of the cinema which belongs to Gala Bingo apparently. Can DR take further action and forwarding to creditors if i keep ignoring them?
  4. Hello all, This year I have got a parking ticket when I came to see a movie. Apparently the car park just in front of cinema doors belongs to another Bingo company and is controlled with UKPC. I didnt even noticed small signs saying its the car park just for Bingo registered users only and after the movie found a NTD. It was issued 9-4-2016 with 100£ fine. Back home I went through the forums and threads looking for information and noticed that the best thing is just ignore it. in 10-05-2016 I received NTK from UKPC reminding me their fees which I also ignored. A
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