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  1. Dx100uk I am sorry but I really don't understand what you are telling me. Do I need to do anything or are they just trying to scare me into paying them £150??
  2. I got a letter from DRP debt recovery on behalf of Gemini parking. I sent letters that you said I should write and send to them. But instead of replying to my letter they have passed it to this company.
  3. Sorry why do I need to do this? I received a letter from drp debt recovery as Gemini didn't respond to any letters I sent them. So now they have passe it on to drp with actually sending a letter back?
  4. Just confirm can I just ignore these letters?
  5. Sorry thought I covered all the bits. Ok so just throw it in the bin then
  6. Hi I followed everything you said but instead of them responding to my letters they are now trying to avoid it and sent it to this company.
  7. hi sorry I have been overly busy and failed to send this to them but I am doing it now.... What I want to ask is do I just write this "I am in receipt of a letter dated the 10th June 2016 and its contents are noted. This letter does not comply with the requirements of para 9 of the PoFA so no keeper liability has been created". And the reference number and nothing else? Thanks
  8. Thanks for replying. So shall I just say what you said to write and once they respond post it on here.
  9. Sorry still learning plus I'm on my phone and it seems alot more awkward to use the site
  10. . This is the only letter my dad has received
  11. due to me being new it won't let me upload until I have posted 10 times or something.
  12. It was at a harvester car park and was on the 8th may 2016. I never thought to see if I needed a ticket as it was a Sunday and I am used to Sundays being free to park. We were there for two hours I think and as we came out I came across the "ticket". The car is registered in my dad's name as I was borrowing it. I read up about Gemini parking fines and came across a few posts about waiting for the ntk letter to be sent out and requesting the popla code. Today my dad received a letter and at the top says REMINDER notice do not ignore this letter but not notice to keeper.
  13. Hi new here Need help with this ticket I received. I have read up about waiting for the ntk letter and asking for the popla code but unsure of what to do afterwards. The letter I received though is a reminder for payment and not a ntk letter but does have the pofa at the bottom.
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