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  1. That was hard work trying to attach an image using a Mac (luckily hubby worked it out). Fingers crossed theres an image for all to see. pic .pdf
  2. What's the easiest way to attach an image using this forum? I do have photos, but can't seem to attach them. Thanks. It's managed by Saxon Weald - a housing association in Horsham (they manage all council housing in the area). I believe the council used to own it, they could still own it so contacting the council would be an avenue I could go down. Thank you for the advice, just annoying that it's time consuming and because I wasn't injured they're not interested if someone may get injured, as long as the wall isn't damaged. Annoyingly it's go
  3. Hi All, would really appreciate some advice on the following that happened about three weeks ago now. I reversed my car into the entrance of a car park to a block of flats (during the day on a cloudy/rainy day), I could see the low level wall (about a foot high), but I did not see the rusty coloured metal room support joist beam that had been upended and placed at the end of the wall. There are no reflectors on it, it is not painted a bright colour, it is there to stop people hitting the wall - which it does very well indeed. However, it left a big hol
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