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  1. In view of Kensingtons latest correspondence to myself, I shall be photocopying everything in relation to this claim and forwarding it to the FOS. I always thought that it was 12 years for mortgage claims. I shall also be writing to Kensington, re the time element and informing them that I have forwarded all correspondence relating to this claim to the FOS and kept copies for myself. Is this the right way to go please ?
  2. Hi there. Follow up to my claim for unfair mortgage arrears charges against G E Money. G.E sold my mortgage to Kensington in May 2016 without my knowledge until a letter was received a week before. I claimed unfair charges from GE. GE proceeded to dismiss my claim, saying that it was no longer my mortgage provider and hence sent the claim to Kensington. Kensington in their infinite wisdom have written to me on 3rd October 2016 saying they are investigating my claim. On 28 October 2016 I have received a further letter from Kensington dismissing my complaint(claim
  3. And by the way I have my SAR from GE Money and am in dispute with them about unfair mortgage charges. They have acknowledged my letter of complaint and are looking into my claim. Not sure how it will pan out, but not accepting any of their lame excuses. I also understand that Fees and Charges cannot be accountable as arrears. Arrears are as far as I have found out are missed contractual payments. So in actual fact I owe £705 in arrears. My monthly payment is £493. From what I can see the £212 is interest added onto the missed £493 monthly payment. S
  4. Hi there Just to say that Kensingtons have replied, but NOT explained how they came to their Fees and Security Related Charges. They just said that I owed this amount and was in breach of my mortgage conditions. For heavens sake, how can anyone accrue £1,598.07 in fees and charges in just 8 weeks. On top of that, Kensingtons phone me daily and leave a text message daily, for me to contact them urgently about my mortgage account which is £705 in arrears - equal to just over one months mortgage. They have not even had the common decency to explain themselves to me
  5. Oh Hello again. this morning I had another letter from the Halifax about my credit card PPI -I wasn't even sure that I had PPI on that as there was nothing listed on my statements to show that PPI was being paid, just the balance etc. WELL WELL WELL, what do you know, this morning I opened a letter from the Halifax only to discover that they are paying me - and sending me a cheque - for the sum of £3,685.03 . Now if they have upheld these two claims (one of which I completely don't understand) then why did they NOT uphold my mortgage PPI. That's OK b
  6. OK MM As I was paid 6 months FULL pay and 6 months HALF pay from my employer, would PPI have paid me as well. I DON'T THINK SO. in the end PPI on my mortgage was totally C.R.A.P. Has anyone ever heard of being paid TWICE for sickness etc. I would be interested to know and to have confirmation of this. I am going to persevere with this. I am NOT prepared to be fobbed off. Put it this way, if it was your company would you pay my mortgage if I was sick and being fully paid from work. I don't think so. And if that was the case, wouldn't everyone put in a claim !
  7. Good morning. After being rejected by the Halifax for my mortgage PPI (see above post) I was informed by the same company, on the same telephone call on the 25th July 2016, that they had discovered I had PPI added to my Halifax Bank Accounts Overdraft Facility. They said they were looking into it and I would be contacted about it later. NO CONTACT from them whatsoever, but yesterday I had a letter in the post with reference to this and they have upheld the claim (I never made a claim, they just informed me about it and I had not a Scooby doo) PPI on Overdr
  8. Have tried all afternoon to understand Open Office spreadsheets, still none the wiser. Yes please, I would like an example, so that I can see what I am supposed to be doing and then get on and fire this at GE. Thank you
  9. I too have had my mortgage transferred to Kensington from GE. I too have had a whopping £1,598.07 added on to my already £705.68 mortgage arrears. I too had only two weeks notice of the transfer and suddenly in 8 weeks I have incurred £1,598.07 in Fees and Security Related charges. I have my SAR from GE and am trying to get my head round a spreadsheet to claim their unlawful and unreasonable Admin charges, Returned DD charges and Non existent counsellor fee charges returned. Total for me to try and get back from them is £2,712.00. The way I see it is they have thr
  10. I have downloaded Open office but have absolutely NO idea how to do a spreadsheet. Do not know where to start. Would it be ok to just list the totals of charges separately i.e. Admin fees, Recall charges, Visits, Additional interest etc and present that to them in a covering official letter. Wish I could understand spreadsheets. But hey ho. Have never had anything to do with them in the past.
  11. If that was the case, I would have applied for PPI payout for my periods of sickness. As it was I had NO idea I had PPI. What don't you understand about NOT knowing for heavens sake. Oh, maybe you work for Halifax, who knows. I only know that PPI was not really an option for me because I was covered at work. FULL STOP
  12. It would fail to pay if you were receiving full payment for sickness elsewhere. So what is the benefit there I ask.
  13. Thank you dx. I shall await the arrival of the said letter outlining the reasons for the decline of the PPI and go from there. Once I have all the bumf in front of me, I will know what to do. I didn't think I needed PPI with the benefits I enjoyed from my Employer. The battle will begin. Thank you once again Good morning. Just to top it all, Royal Mail paid me 3 months full pay TWICE whilst recovering from 2 operations. (one of these operations happened back in 1995 - 5 years before PPI sold to me) I even admitted this operation on my form and was grilled
  14. Sorry about the three similar posts. I would like to delete the first two, and keep the third, as it has the ,most information, but don't know how to.
  15. After discovering that I had PPI attached to an old Halifax mortgage, I put in a claim for miss selling. Today I had a telephone call from the Halifax in connection with another PPI with them that I knew nothing about. I ventured to enquired about my Mortgage PPI claim and they said that a letter was sent out to me on the 12th July 2016 explaining everything. Today is the 25th July 2016 and I have NOT received any such letter. The lady on the phone then read me the contents of the said letter outlining the reasons for the decline of the PPI. The ones that stood out were :- You h
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