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  1. Thank you so much for your help , much appreciated. Dave Williams.
  2. Neither BT (Blocking Technology) or BT's creature Openreach (Closedgrasp) have my name, address or post code in their databases. I have been using telephone and broadband services from this address for more than 18 months; these services are provided by my ISP via Openreach (Closedgrasp). Now I have applied for an upgrade it appears I do not exist. Any real company would contact me and ask for my address details, but BT (Blocking Technology) or BT's creature Openreach (Closedgrasp) are autocratic "joke" companies who will not talk to serfs (customers) like me; they have been provided with my c
  3. DAY 46 I placed an order with my ISP to upgrade to fibre broadband on the 26th April and was told my go live date was the 6th of May. I'm still waiting for this to happen as of today the 11th JUNE. The problem is not with my ISP, who have been great, but with BT (Blocking Technology) and their creature Openreach (ClosedGrasp). They have been telling my ISP that there is a problem with a postcode "mismatch". I have been living in this address for almost 3 years and using the postcode for more than 18 months. I have been using broadband, paying Council
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