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  1. Hey all any advice in what to write shall i write either of the above as need to get this posted today. Thankyou all in advance and for what advice has been given so far
  2. The date is 15th June by 4pm and it was the judge who set the ccj asside whi set the date. Have no idea of the claim form.just that when we checked credit file so could apply for a mortgage there was a year old CCJ which we didnt know what it was for so applied for it to be removed
  3. Hi Andy She has set it aside and im now having to submit my defence. The soliciters on behalf of hoist sent me the files on my post number 5 there was the origional agreement the statement then a statement of payments and some jargen letters from 2014 sent to an address i havent lived at in 12 years and different to the address on the agreement
  4. My husband asked for a ccj to be removed as he had no idea what the ccj was for upon going to court it was with hoist for an old abbey loan they didnt attend but sent a letter requesting it to not be removed on the grounds a payment was made in 2012 which i have no record of she said they would need to send the particulars and prove the £20 payment or its statute barred. After hassling them we recieved the particulars but have no idea how to file my defence. The Pc1 was the origional agreement between him and Abbey. The 4 main pages of particulars are attached please someone help
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