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  1. Looks like I dont have a leg to stand on. I was looking at an old contract . Looks like im travelling that daily. My current one states Location 4.1 You will be based at out office at xxxxxxx You will be expected to travel and work within other locations throughout the companies area of operation. 4.2 Any relocation of staff on a permanent basis will be within the UK and will be within the company's area of operation. Any relocation will be carried out in accordance with the companies polices and procedures as currently set out in the companys joint resource planning agreement.
  2. So in theory I should have a case at 105 minutes travel. That's ensuring all trains are running in.time (Lol)
  3. My child is all grown up however I do occasionly look after my man. They don't want me to relocate, just commute there.
  4. Work are aware I have a paranoid personality disorder and I don't like being to far away from home incase of emergencies.
  5. Work have asked me to go work at a different office but the train journey to it from my house is 1 hour 45 minutes as opposed to my current 45 minutes to my present office. Work assumed I was on a newer floating support contract but I'm on the older contract which states my normal place of work. My Contract says: Your normal place of work will be at the following address(es): My work address You may, however, be required from time to time to work anywhere within the service area which is within a reasonable distance from your normal place of work. You may also be required to travel within the UK for the proper performance of your duties. The company reserves the right to relocate you on a temporary basis anywhere in the North region within a reasonable distance from your normal place of work, where there is a justifiable business need to do so. There will also be an additional £15 train fares daily incurred which I will get back as expenses but basically have to fork out £300 and wait to get it back at the end of the month. What are my rights here, is it coùnsidered reasonable to ask me to travel that far, considering the difference? They want to move me permanently.
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