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  1. Hi I have sent a SAR to Blackhorse and CCA to Idem, Idem I have received a letter back from Idem just showing the balance no arrears and no administration fee ( previous correspondence showed arrears and an administration charge) no information or credit agreement just saying thankyou for the payment of £1.00 (I pay them £385.00 per month) no reference to my request for the credit agreement . should I chase them how long do they have to send this? I have received no response from Blackhorse yet regarding the SAR how long do I give them to respond. thanks
  2. Thank you for your advice, I have spent time looking for my old statements and agreements, I can’t find the original agreement showing the interest rate. My concern is that I still owe £19,000 after paying £385 for the last 8 and half years I have had 2 payment breaks and did not know these are added to the end of the contract. I have received another letter from Idem that they will be putting a lenders fee of over £1000 onto the account. Idem are not on my land registry only Black Horse. Should I request a SAR from Black Horse or the original signed agreement from Idem or should I request both. I am really concerned as my loan is suppose to finish next year, what will happen when the term ends and there is still money owing? I don’t want to ring them yet without knowing what I need to do and if it is right what they are charging or what they are doing Can you please suggest what I should do Thanks Etta
  3. I had a secured loan with Black Horse and when I was made redundant I agreed to make reduced payments. I was not entitled to any benefits due to my partner working. I kept up those payments when found work increased back to the correct amount they added this to the loan amount . I then was made redundant 18 months later and missed 2 or 3 payments I spoke to Black Horse again and agreed reduced payments until I found another job I increased again. In between I noticed I was in arrears and black horse said my reduced payments and missed payments were added together and I was being charged £30.00 per month. they wouldn’t add to loan or accept my offer of an increase , I sent my expenditure in but my incomings and outgoings showed I couldn’t really afford anything extra. They kept adding £30.00 per month which increased the arrears to £6,000 . (my monthly payments are £385.00). I owe more now than what I borrowed. I have not missed a payment of £385.00 since 2012. They have sold the debt to Idem 2014 or 2015 the letter stated there would be no changes and my monthly payments will just come out as normal. They were trying to contact me during working hours. I have not missed any payments with them. When speaking to them they wouldn’t accept any increase without an expenditure form. I have now received a letter saying out of my £385.00 they are charging £246 interest on the loan and £74 interest on the arrears of £6000 per month . My questions are : Can I find out how much they bought my debt for and was it for Am I allowed to see how they purchased the debt i.e. the total amount together or separate. Can I dispute it being put separate Can they change the interest and charges to anything they want I do not disagree in paying but feel it unfair how much interest they are charging thanks
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