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  1. Are they likely to apply for forced entry in my case? Just for the record i dont own 1 let alone 2 rolexes. Sometimes my neighbour comes home in a Bentley but only because he works there, and my 3 bed house sadly isnt anything that screams wealth.
  2. I have an 03 plate ford which is worth not a lot. If they were to get into my garden they could happily take away my starting to rust table.
  3. Correct me if im wrong here. After reading replies to this comment and researching on other forums, unless they gain access to your home in the correct way or any outbuilding such as a garage, they cant take anything? But if its left outside eg.your car they can then take that?
  4. Ive just listened back to the recording of my call with the HCEO and he says I have 24-48 hours to sort it out before they come back and start seizing my assets
  5. I didnt realise that they cant force entry if they havent been in before. I was under the impression that they can just come and break in after so long?
  6. Andrew wilson. I have just spoke to a company and he reckons the fees are possibly so high as it has gone to ccj status??
  7. In relation to the seizure of goods, the only things of any value are a 13 year old ford fusion and a tv. The washing machine and dishwasher are the landlords. The fridge freezer is mine and is around 8 years old.
  8. Hi. Thanks for that. I am at work and not able to read the attached links right now. So what should I do next? Thanks
  9. I have just spoke to the HCEO. I queried the outstanding balance and he says its down to court costs and their fees? I never thought of asking for a breakdown of them but in all £915 has been added. On my claim form it states that court costs and solicitors fees come upto £100. He says I have 24 hours from his first visit to sort out a payment or they will seize goods. I really need some advice on this so any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi. No I didnt go to court. The documents I requested were my daily time sheets. I was a van driver and we had to fill out a timesheet everyday. Due to the hours I was working I believe that I was receiving less than the minimum wage, but couldnt prove it as they never supplied me with them. And the reason I didnt pay the courts - clearly I was stupid
  11. I am just looking over the paperwork again and have read a section that states: you must pay by cleared funds only, or agree a payment arrangement with the enforcement agent by 2nd june 2016. Well when i spoke to andrew wilsons on 28th may to come up with a payment arrangement they claimed i couldnt do anything until after that date and had to wait for a HCEO to visit my address. Then in the next paragraph it says that if the sum remains unpaid or have not agreed a payment i may be charged extra costs. I never got the option to make payment arrangements?
  12. Oh thanks. I didnt realise I posted it in the wrong section. Apologies
  13. Good evening all. I will try and be as brief as possible but I would like some advice on the following. I left my ex employer on 18th December 2015, working no notice. 7 weeks to the day later I get a letter from them saying I owe them just under £500 as I had infact been paid up until the 31st December. I queried this and requested other documents from them to which I never received. They got another company involved in trying to claim this money back. I was taken to court and obviously court costs were added on top. I never paid that, I had a letter through dated the 20th May saying I owed them £805 and need to contact them within x amount of days or they will send the HCEO out to my address. I called them with 4 days to spare to explain that I would like to setup a payment plan, but the rather rude lady on the phone said I need to let the time expire and await a visit from the HCEO. The bill at the 2 June was £805 owing. I got home tonight and have had a letter posted through my door and it states that I now owe £1600!?!? and failure to pay will result in me owing in excess of £2600. I have tried to call the HCEO but it rings through to answerphone on every occasion. How can the fine more than double in a matter of 6 days? Is this allowed? I really need some assistance, I am trying not to get stressed out over this as when I do, my health drops. And before people say, Yes I should have paid in the first place, but I had/have valid reasons as to why I didn't agree with the overpayment. Thank you in advance.
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