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  1. Thank you very much I feel a lot better knowing this.
  2. Does that mean that they don't count the £494.01? So they would take 19% of the rest of my wages which would be £786 so 19% would be £149?
  3. Yes it's council tax debt from 2013-2014 & 2014/2015, the sheriff officers have been really nice I just don't know whether too take their word it's cancelled. I've found this link on the internet it says if your monthly earnings are between £1230-£1330 they take £198 off you until it's clear, I'm hoping this it true as it's better than £625 in the one go ��!
  4. They won't see me the arrestment is in my husbands name but we are both liable for the council tax & he won't get time off from work
  5. I've asked for this and they say they don't written confirmation but it says it's cancelled on the system I have barely slept from Monday in fear of them doing this next week I don't know how I will cope Sorry I should of said I don't know if Scottish law is different or the same as the English courts?
  6. Hi Scott thanks for replying, they are taking the money straigh from my wages so can they take the full amount as long as I have £494.01 left over? I'm worried sick
  7. Hi I received an earnings arrestment through the post on Monday from Stirling park for £625, I've contacted them asking to cancel it and they've said its been cancelled as I owe £70 less too which is stated in the arrestment. I'm just wondering if they do arrest my wages will the £625 be taken at once? I only get £1270 every 4 weeks so it's a lot too loose in one week I'm really worried I've called 4 times and they say it's been cancelled and to continue paying £70 from next Friday like I usually do but I don't know whether to believe them or not an
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