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  1. At the moment I've checked my Credit Report with Equifax and my EE account shows as "No Payment Due / Unclassified", it doesn't show any late payments, neither doesn't it show any default placed against the account.​ Today on the phone I've been told there won't be any default issued since I chose to cancel the account and this wasn't done by EE. As I haven't technically defaulted on payments, therefore the outstanding amount will just show on my report until paid. Anyone know if this sounds right? I would of thought there would be default issued personally.
  2. Oh. I've been contacting creditors saying the default should of been satisfied up until my discharge date. Are you saying it should only be up until the DRO started, not ended?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I've actually never thought of it like that, the DRO is doing me as much damage as the Defaults themselves, so why am I even worrying about them, some strange reason that's made me feel slightly better about thing's, even though a DRO is nothing to be proud of. The defaults were issued up until the DRO ended. I have contacted some companies however to get them to update their records as I was still being defaulted to this day which should of been only up until the DRO ended,# and then the accounts should of been marked satisfied. I thin
  4. I had DRO on multiple debts, was discharged April last year. If they produce a letter then I guess I'd just leave it, however if I manage to get atleast one removed with a creditor, it's still something, and can't do no harm in trying. However like I mentioned above, just unsure if this would even with the debts being part of a DRO.
  5. I apologize if this may be a stupid question. I've recently been looking into getting defaults removed from my Credit Report, one method I come across was sending letters to the relevant creditors stating I never received a letter warning of a default, and asking for them to provide evidence of this within 28 days, if they are unable to, then hopefully resulting in the Default being removed. Would this method be wise to try even if the default was issued with a debt that was in conjunction with a Debt Relief Order? Thank you
  6. Just like to let people know I didn't go ahead with this company, terrible idea, not sure why I even considered doing this due to my financial situation in the first place, however we all do stupid thing's. I can confirm in the short period of dealing with this company it was a complete nightmare, and this was only within the 1st week. I'd recommend anyone looking to go with BH to seriously reconsider, it may be nice to actually be able to get something which you may of not been able to afford off the bat, however if there's one thing I've learned, if you
  7. I signed up to EE a while back on 24 month contract, got a shared contract deal, basically got a phone for myself and my partner under the same contract. However, I was diagnosed with a heart condition earlier this year, I moved from being Employed to being on Disability Benefit, this had a major effect on my finances as you could imagine due to the decrease in my income. I rang EE, explained this, not really much could be done, so I cancelled the contract. I now have a bill for around £1200, this being termination charges and line rental charges. Spoke to EE today after hearing noth
  8. I'm starting to see this now, I haven't even been a customer a week now and already seem to be struggling to get the most simplest of concerns answered. Frustrating!
  9. Hi Rahul, I just seen your reply on my thread, I thought I'd quickly reply. I've tried contacting Customer Relations with my questions multiple times however I'm told the best people to speak to is the store, however I don't find the store very helpful. I've just called earlier today to once again try and get my questions answered, I got the same response, I've asked what they are there for, they said it's mainly for complaints, so I don't see how you telling me to contact Customer Relations is very helpful to be honest. One of my main questi
  10. I'm providing them with proof of my insurance on Thursday, I told them I don't wish to have there insurance as I have my own. They said this would be fine.
  11. Hello, I went into store to look at getting the MacBook Air as advertised on their website. I went through all the nitty gritty, such as providing proof of income etc, after going through everything it came back that I was accepted, the weekly payment amount I was giving wasn't enough for a "brand new" Macbook Air, the lady in the store mentioned I could go for a "refurbished" one, I was hesitate about this as you don't know the background of the item. asked her if I could look at it first, she said this would be fine, I would need to wait for it to be del
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