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  1. Well that sure does put a spanner in the works, so if the ombudsman deems it time barred, is there any other course of action left for me?
  2. Thanks for the reply. Good to know about them having to inform me about the PPI, they did not and your second point, the mortgage is still active. So it sounds like their just hoping I don't pursue this.
  3. Both NEMO and central capital have sent the paper work I asked for in the SAR I sent. After reading through this I still believe I have a case so I pursued this with central capital. I received a letter last week stating that the claim is time barred. I guess my question is , how can this be, loan taken out in 2007, PPI was for five years cover so it ended in 2012. The six year time bar would take this to 2018. My next recourse is now with the ombudsman as central capital have said that this letter is their final correspondence on this.
  4. Ok, dx, took your advice and wrote to, both capital central and loan holders requesting SAR. Posted it today, so am I right in thinking they have 40 days to send it?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have a few statements but not all. I am following your advise where I can with the fos claim questionnaire. I understand after reading through some of the forum how to calculate the interest on each payment of PPI, I'm thinking of going through monthly bank statements to get a roughly accurate redress amount. Thanks again for your help.
  6. I have just started the process of claiming PPI from capital central for a mortgage taken out in 2007. I am optimistic as the PPI cost was a up front payment which I wasn't informed of, also I am registered disabled, which I told the sales associate but he still put my name, as well as my partners on the agreement. Having received the company's PPI claim questionnaire, one of the questions is: Given that the sale was several years ago; what actually prompted you to complain now? Was there a specific event that made you aware you might have cause for compan
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