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  1. but ABC is representing the claimant NO " ABC" (the banana) is not representing the claimant "company a" the orange I HAVE HAVE IT IN WRITING FROM " ABC " THE BANANA " THAT THEY HAVE NOT INSTIGATED THESE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST ME (THE LEMON) "company b"
  2. HELLO THIS IS MY FIRST POST, need some advice just had N24 ORDER ISSUED TO ME ( I AM DEFENDANT "company b" as follows;- claimant " company A " V defendant "company b" Before district judge sitting at county court BLAH, BLAH IT IS ORDERED THAT MR XYZ, the director of "company b " pay principal debt of £xxx.xx to...... "ABC" by /on SO and SO DATE.. " ABC " is not the claimant "ABC " has not issued claim I HAVE NOT PAID "ABC " HEARING SCHEDULED END OF JUNE IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THIS ORDER IS OUT OF ORDER, ANY ADVICE PLEASE (like a case of DISPUTE BETWEEN " ORANGE ( "company a ") AND LEMON "(company b) and the LEMON ordered to pay " THE BANANA " ( "ABC ")
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