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  1. Hello, One year ago out of curiosity I decided to set the account on the quickflirt.com website. Quickly found that running the website's account on this portal is linked with high fees - money taking out from your bank account in LLOYDS. Due to this I decided to close the account asap. The close and removal of my quickflirt's account was confirmed by website and by quickflirt staff by calling intervention. Unfortunately this month I spotted there is suspicious withdraw out of my bank account on the amount of 40£. Quickly went through the history of my transactions and it turned out that every single month at the same time the identical amount of money was taken off my bank account and it summed up I was robbed on the amount of over 400£. Thats what I want to do is to close the bank account to not to be charged any more. I also would like to open an investigation and get the full refund from the website that was charging me or from LLOYDS directly. Could I easily get the refund for this if I'll prove the money was taken without my knowledge? Shall I inform the Police about this issue? I would appreciate every comment below.
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