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  1. I think housing realise that she should be in a ground floor or bungalow. I'm hoping to get a move nearer to town and they could then give her my ground floor apartment
  2. Things are still very much ongoing with night time issues. This is a retirement complex where all of the tenants bar my upstairs neighbour and me live in peace. Four months of disturbed sleep has resulted in me being severely depressed and almost to the point of life not worth living anymore, I have an appointment with the head of housing this friday. Thanks for your concern
  3. I believe the government has made changes and the age limit for community housing is now 55 and not ,60 also they have to accept people with mental health issues. Because the demand is low for supported housing because more people are staying in there homes and because people are living a lot longer . It would seem that retirement homes are really no longer aimed at a peaceful , safe and secure environment for OAPs
  4. Had a call from HA today responding to my letter of complaint....having spoken to my neighbour about her behaviour they have now seen that she refuses to comply ....saying she will get up at 1am and do her housework if she wants and she hung up on them.its now seen as a management issue, there is a possibility that I may get offered a move at some point in time. Meanwhile ear plugs are my only respite.
  5. She has no laminate flooring only very thin carpet no underlay, it's what was left ehen she moved in, did say she would buy some rugs but hasn't and is on benefit . She is very heavy footed.
  6. I did fathom it out. Have been reading about the environment health and see that it has to be statutory noise nuisance!! This lady really needs a ground floor or bungalow as she has an injection controlled mental health problem. You can't reason with someone like that. There must be something that can be done when it's affecting another person's health.the battle is with the housing people to do something a move for me or her. I'm having to use ear plugs to enable me to sleep at the moment.
  7. That sounds very useful advice and I will follow it. Thankyou so much
  8. Thankyou very much for your help and advice. So far I have taken this problem up with a Councillor who is on the Welsh assembly, she met with the housing officer and he said this would be a problem to sort out as they can't tell her how to live, he added that they may find ME a difficult to let property but could make no promises. Difficult to let would be a remote place and at my age don't want that. I have it in writing that this lady lives a different life. On Monday this week the lady opened her doors and shouted that she would kill herself if I complained again and that if she wants to get up at 1am and do housework she will, and then threatened to get a friend to sort me out and that night at 4.30pm she flushed her toilet three times on the trot. All other residents here respect their neighbours and cause no noise issues. Thanks Pat I wrote all the details down and gave it to housing and the Welsh assembly Councillor on Tuesday....so far no response.
  9. Hi, I have tried reasoning with the neighbour politely and the housing people wrote her a letter. They have said that she has a different way of living and that the noise is classed as NORMAl daily noises , the lady has said to me that if she wants to get up at 1pm or 4pm and do her housework she will.....she has a mental health problem which is severely affecting my sleep every night . I am at a point where I know what to do about it. Thanks Patricia
  10. No this is housing association flats for people over 55....the upstairs tenant has mental health problems, surely her nighttime activity from 1am onwards is not normal and how do I live with my sleep interrupted every night. I have reported this ,, there is no soundproofing and very thin carpeting. Thanks for your response
  11. A new neighbour moved into the flat above me 3 months ago , ever since she moved in she has kept me awake at night time walking about, flushing the toilet and running the taps. Because the flooring has no soundproofing and no thick carpet all sounds carry through. This lady goes to bed very early 8pm and then gets up at 1pm and walks about doing her housework. I believe she has mental health problems. Im suffering badly without any restful sleep....what can I do ??? The housing people are not being very helpful. Under the human rights act I have a right to peace in my home.....would a solicitor be able to help ? Thanks if anyone can help me I'm desperate and don't need all this stress at the age of 68
  12. I need to know how to put a thread on here re neighbour nuisciance advice can you help please
  13. How do I get to post a thread on this site please... Patricia 68
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