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Ripped Off By Amazon

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  1. Thank you very much for the genuine responses on this forum. Please may I update: After posting this issue, I received a computer generated email from Amazon stating 'We've accepted your return request. Once we receive the item, we'll issue your refund.' Return method – ‘self dispatch’, and a link to print return labels. The return labels are for the Post Office and clearly state ‘Send the parcel from your nearest post office or via the delivery method of your choice’. There is even a dedicated ‘Hazmat Label’ stating ‘Caution Lithium ION Battery’. This is clear proof that return authorisation could have been sent at time of written rejection from us, and at any time following. We stand by my original post and believe that we were directly and deliberately targeted by this particular individual at Amazon. We went to great effort to supply details of the situation and evidence to this individual, only for this to be thrown back in our face. We were also wrongly led to believe that this individual was the highest level complaints person at Amazon and that we had no other options. As it stands, the product has been returned, awaiting refund. As advised above, we will also send formal complaint to Amazon Corporate Office Address: Amazon.co.uk Ltd 60 Holborn Viaduct London EC1A 2FD Should it be addressed to anyone in particular? Will update accordingly.
  2. Thank you for your response. I tried to contact trading standards but it said they do not deal with individual complaints now. Is this correct? We repeatedly tried to return it within 30 days but Grech refused to let us send it back. We pleaded to let us send via post office or collect+ but Grech lied and said they would not take it (I checked with both and it would have been fine). I did not want to send it without authorisation but could not get a returns label. If only some high level manager at Amazon would have sorted a return label it would have gone back but could never get a response from anyone other than Grech (who is apparently not a manager).
  3. Previously loyal disabled customer harassed, bullied and ripped off by Amazon Unfortunately our trusty old laptop was failing and needed replacing.As this was a desktop replacement we required something of a suitable size and standard.This does not come cheap. As this was a considerable investment for us and having been a previously loyal Amazon customer for many years, we decided to purchase from Amazon based on (an apparently incorrect) perception that if there was a problem with the purchase then we would have good support and come back if required.We did however have reservations due to Amazon’s seemingly increasing controversies (taxation, employee treatment, PRIME etc). We decided on a particular laptop model and specification but unfortunately it was out of stock new.It was however listed as available from Amazon Warehouse in ‘very good’ condition with ‘original packaging’.Having not purchased from Amazon Warehouse before, we were concerned by the low customer rating of 89% but could not access any actual reviews of them.The website did claim that the purchase came with ‘all the benefits of Amazon.co.uk fulfilment and customer service’ and ‘All of our products are backed by Amazon's satisfaction guarantee’.Unfortunately we were mislead by these false claims and made the purchase. At time of purchase a ‘not before’ delivery date was agreed in writing with Amazon.According to logs this was ignored/not actioned and attempt to deliver was apparently made by Amazon’s contracted courier Hermes. Because we were away, Hermes apparently proceeded to trespass around the property and attempted to gain access to various locked outbuildings. Apparently after failing to gain access, Hermes abandoned the expensive and fragile laptop in an outdoor area at the back of the property – exposed to the winter rain and cold.A crossed out ‘Next Directory’ calling card was later discovered through the letter box (despite this being an Amazon purchase). When I learnt of this attempted delivery through online tracking, I emailed Amazon customer service but they did not seem to understand and instead attempted to send Hermes around to trespass again.With considerable concern for both the security of the property and of the expensive purchase, I had to write a formal complaint to Amazon ‘complaints’ in order to stop this.We received a basic response from a Paul Grech of ‘Executive Customer Relations’. When we later returned to the property and located the abandoned delivery, it was completely soaked through with water and just collapsed when we tried to move it, and all the loose items fell out.At this point we realised that the item had also been falsely advertised.It was not in its original packaging at all (with the extras and value that entails), just the basic laptop loose in a brown box. An update to Mr Grech was supplied with photos and evidence (including the ‘Next Directory’ calling card).We reasonably expected the matter to be suitably resolved. To our disgust instead of a resolution, we received a rude, sarcastic and dismissive response from Paul Grech.He did not take the matter in any way seriously (ignoring the facts and evidence) and seemed to show an utter contempt for us.He also apportioned blame to us for only selecting ‘economy‘ delivery in an apparent attempt to up sell PRIME.He refused to allow us to return the item by suitable means, he refused to provide any replacement or alternative, he then attempts to bully us into keeping it as is. Paul Grech either has no knowledge or no concern for statutory rights, property rights, or disability rights. I then attempted to escalate the matter to the respective heads of Amazon; Mr Christopher North [email protected] and Mr Jeff Bezos [email protected] both Mr North and Mr Bezos did not feel that we warranted a response.To my surprise all we received was another dismissive email from Paul Grech claiming that ‘Chris and Jeff have requested that I respond to your letter and e-mails’. It is not clear why Paul Grech has directly targeted us, whether he has a problem with all disabled customers, or whether this is Amazon’s attitude to all customers now.Either way, as Paul Grech is apparently the highest level contactable person at Amazon, other potential customers should be aware of the terrible level of service to be expected from him. Due to these problems we still do not have a replacement laptop and have had to stop all courier deliveries due to security concerns.This has caused us considerable difficulties and will need hundreds of pounds spending to stop unauthorised access again. I hope this serves as a warning to other potential Amazon customers as we have not received any refund, let alone redress or ‘goodwill’.We received no redress or apology from Hermes management (if Amazon ever contacted them at all).All we have for our huge investment is worthless, unsafe, falsely advertised, unusable junk. Any help or advice appreciated.
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