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  1. I was disappointed in the quality of work. We had new spindles placed in a staircase and new under stair storage/door fitted. Shelves were left unattached, a light switch left dangling. Gaps in woodwork. The original work was estimated to take 3 days but the guy hardly ever turned up and it took 3 weeks in the end. what really irks me is this invoice demanding immediate payment. I'll pay it as I want to limit further discussion with this guy.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I'm not sure what the definition of "Agree" a payment date is. I assume this would be in a contract or on a quote. Not on the Invoice itself.
  3. Do I need to immediately pay an Invoice marked as Payment Immediately? We recently had some carpentry work done. No payment terms were discussed or covered in the quote. We were not impressed with the work done nor the way the work was conducted. The work was estimated to take 3 days but took 3 weeks. That is incidental to the legal requirements for paying the invoice. I'd just like to know when would be a reasonable time to pay the invoice. The carpenter has chased the invoice and is threatening further action. (We received the invoice 2 days ago).
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