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  1. No just left, never went back, felt uncomfortable and when i say sexual harassment, it was small things, like every time i go it was like he was looking for me over training me, i gave my number just in case I needed to cancel with him or he needed to cancel, but after just one hour he messaging me by text. A women's intuition if that makes sense that he wanted more than just teach, this is why i raised concerns of uncomfortable towards the gym and Harland's
  2. I do not want to have any problem on my credit file, so i have offered payment to them in full for past 6 months and even though i am in contract i will let it run by paying the 17.99 monthly even though i will not use, but i do not understand why they are having problem understanding settlement and in correct amount requesting
  3. I have a gym membership with Lifestyle, but after just one month I had to file a grievance of sexual harassment towards one of the gym instructors and was not comfortable using the gym there forth. I told my husband, but he stopped the direct debit and sent a letter to Lifestyle regarding this. Now Lifestyle decided to ignore the complaint and sent the account to Harland's, again I sent the same letter to them and told them I was in a situation with Lifestyle. I heard nothing from Harland's that was back in March, it was not until mid April I received a letter from this CRS demanding £34
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