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  1. Hi all, I am a complete mess and in need of your advise pretty please. Two days ago I was rejected for credit and therefore checked my file- A CCJ had been ordered on 24.02.2016! from CEL. I received first correspondence from them on 20.01.2016 relating to a date in May 2013- clearly I had to try and recall that date in question as it was three years previous. I was also cautious of the fact it could be a fraud type letter and didn't act. I then received another on 12.02.2016 stating the charge had gone up to £220 and after pinpointing this was a car parking fine I contacted the restaurant in question to make a complaint. I found out they were currently in dispute with CEL regarding over 15 claims as they were chasing historic fines from 2013 where customers had overstayed two hours, although there was a three hour window. I was in communication with them and CEL via email but did not contact them direct to admit any liability due to the dispute. I did not receive any other letters regarding court dates etc.. from CEL. However, it looks like they went ahead and gave me a judgment without my knowledge- and now it is too late to pay within 28 days as I had no idea it had occurred until this weekend when applying for a loan and being refused credit for the first time ever! I have emailed CEL directly yesterday stating that I have not had the opportunity to dispute/ respond to the court date/ judgment and today their legal team would be in agreement to having it set aside by Consent. I literally do not know what my next step is.. Do I still apply for a N244 stating I was unaware AND I potentially have a defence (less than three hours stay as a proven restaurant customer) or is there a different way to do this? Does it go to my local court or Northampton where it was issued? As much as I do not agree with their conduct, I would rather just pay whatever I need to in order to protect my credit file which also impacts my future employment choices as well as having an adverse credit file.
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