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  1. Hi, If your agreement is with Lancashire Mortgage Corporation then you may find the following points useful to help you address the matter in the most effective way. First and foremost I can tell you that Lancashire mortgage corporation is no longer Lancashire mortgage corporation as you know it. In January 2017 the name changed. You can check this information on the companies house website. Today, Lancashire Mortgage Corporation is a dormant company that was incorporated in 2016 or at least this is how it appears since the name changes. Of which there were many. To address the correct company that your agreement is wit you need to be writing to : Together commercial Finance Ltd. This is the real Lancashire! However, even this will lead you to a dead end as Lancashire (now together commercial finance ltd) are not regulated by the FCA. They will just direct you to the The Financial Ombudsman, knowing full well that you won't get anywhere that way either due to the fact that they're not regulated by the FCA. They're wasting your time. I pressed the FCA on this matter as it did not make sense. How could a lender operate without having to follow regulations? It took me 3 refused FOI requests and a letter to my MP to finally get a straight answer from them. So here it is, the key information that you need to get anywhere. Lancashire mortgage corporation (now Together commercial finance ltd) operate free of regulations because they are are an introducer representative. This means that they have a PARENT / PRINCIPLE COMPANY that is responsible for them. That parent company company just so happens to be Cheshire mortgage corporation. The only one within the group that is regulated by the FCA. Also the one that was fined for unfair lending by the FSA back in 2012. If Lancashire do something wrong then it's them who are responsible. You need to address them as the parent company with regards to their introducer and the unfair treatment you feel you've been subjected to. one last thing.... just like Lancashire, Cheshire mortgage corporation have also had a name change. Therefore the real Cheshire mortgage company is now called TOGETHER PERSONAL FINANCE. Visit the companies house website and search Cheshire mortgage Corp and Lancashire mortgage Corp., you'll see right away how these companies were incorporated in 2016. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see a section titled, previous names. once you understand this lot you'll be ready to address the right company which is regulated and you will be on the right track to resolve your situation without being sent on a wild goose chase. let me know if you need me to explain anything better. I'm happy to help
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