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  1. Similar to my win over them.No paperwork will be found and they'll discontinue.
  2. Lots of mooing...hehehe. States on letter original creditor Bank of Scotland...its ancient...shall stop paying...thankyou
  3. The Dca is a caboot.Very old credit card.I assume the paperwork is none existence.CCA time thenThanks everyone
  4. Not sure what to do with this one. Old debt originated from bank of Scotland around 2004. Been paying token payment for around 12 years, now threatening further legal action. Would a sar request surpress them . ..or easer just to stop paying them and see what happens Many thanks
  5. You,ll like this.... Received a discontinuation notice from hoist and from the court. Thanks to everyone
  6. Another letter from court.Judge ordering claimant to provide original loan agreement, default notices and legal assignment or case will be struck out.Am I nearly there...If so thanks to everyone for their help.
  7. Quick bit of advice please. On checking my noddle credit report the debt has completely vanished...any ideas?
  8. Received a letter from the court.Stating to wait for instructions by the judge. Nothing from hoist still.
  9. No offence taken Sir. I was fuming with them.I just thought a common sense approach might be seen by the judge. I,ll make sure my witness statement is tip top.Thankyou
  10. Quick update. No information sent by hoist at all. My claim has been transferred to my local court. Should i start to prepare, my understanding is that i need a witness statement and then my defence. Many thanks
  11. Oops I forgot to send the mediation form back...got an email from them allowing me 9 days to consider it...might do...might not
  12. The court was unspecific when I spoke to them and just said it was being sent again this week with a further 10 days to reply! Logged onto mco...states they submitted on 25th July..only a week late !
  13. The date to file the dq was the 18th July...i did mine on time and sent all relevant parties a copy...
  14. Update..no dq sent to court or to me by claimant. Rang court and said they would send another and if not replied to claim would be struck out. Are they just playing for time ? Thanks to any replies.
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