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  1. Stopped paying along time ago. Sorry I'm not the best with technology. They're threatening a ccj. Could you enlighten me or give me an example of a proper CCA credit agreement. Ie exactly what it should contain. So if needed I tell them what is missing. Its very old from 2004. Thankyou
  2. Never mind...for some reason it hasn't included my signature and date signed 2004 on the pdf. Special needs when it comes to technology. They also sent something that looked like Apr rates, with unreadable information. No bank information or credit limit. Could have got that from the bin myself
  3. Ongoing for along time.They have sent me this(attached) .Does this satisfy the CCA com.google.android.apps.photos.Image (1).pdf they now apply for a ccj? Seems to be alot missing.
  4. Bought a car from a main dealer and was told V5 would be forwarded to me. After 6 weeks nothing ,rang every week to week 12.Nothing. Then explained that they hadn't sent it as it has been lost. still registered with previous owner .Im furious,. Now advised that they can do it but my car wont be taxed till I can get v5. make it even more complicated I'm in receipt of pip higher mobility and get free tax anyway. Own research, I have found form V62, which means I can do it at the post office. Advised them there paying the fee. How do I go about getting some form of compensation from them as it really has upset and stressed me? Sorry could not highlight the subject in the right place... please move...thankyou
  5. Received a long list of statements but only a few years, just printed. No notice of assignment. No terms or conditions and no address of Bank or credit limit. Also no default notice. They have attached the credit agreement. Does include my signature as it is an application form dated 2004. No response yet from CCA request.
  6. I originally CCA them in 2016.No paperwork letter confirming unenforceable.. Then they wrote to me in Jan 2021. I explained they hadn't responded to my CCA .That's when the dispute opened and said they had 16 weeks. Sorry if I sound a bit thick when I rang them in January .their reply was we have 16 weeks to look into the dispute. Looks like they have just been talking ...
  7. I'm vague again. They told me they had 16 weeks to comply with my request. I thought you could complain to fos if they couldn't comply. Yes new CCA request sent.
  8. Well...still no correspondence from them and its been 16 weeks today. Is it also worth reporting them to fos.Or will that stir up a can of beans?
  9. Will post up correspondence...if received. Is it just awaiting game now? Will CCA them again... thanks dx
  10. Sorry DX my over excitement or annoyance. On this bank of Scotland credit... Taken out 2003 defaulted and sold to Cabot around 2006. Been paying them £5 a month upto July 2016. Then on advice...thanks DX...CCA to them. Normal response no information available, will be in touch again in 40 days. Out of the blue Jan 2021 reiterated balance outstanding. I explained about my CCA request back in 2016 and they could not find anything. They then advised they would investigate and to give them 16 weeks. Out of curiosity today rang them..about 15 weeks. Advised they had a an agreement for the card. As yet nothing in the post. Hope that makes more sense Will post up correspondence...if received
  11. Sorry not hard to confuse me. Related back to a Halifax bank of Scotland card which Cabot bought...ty
  12. Cahoot telling porkies?Think they might be! I did post about 4 years ago, Old HBOS debt - been paying cabot for 12yrs... - Halifax Bank and Bank of Scotland - Consumer Action Group
  13. Received letters in January 2021 for 3 debts and phoned them to reiterate they had not responded for 4 + years. Well apparently they now have a loan agreement from 2006 and the overdraft debt taken out around 2004 isn't covered by CCA. The other debt had a ccj on it which was paid nominally to 2010 .Then sold and then sold again, and back again to cahoot. As soon as I get documents I will update. Are they just trying it on?
  14. Well thank you to all....your all stars.Shall cease being fleeced and dig my head out of the sand.Care to you all!Kind regards
  15. you're saying that even though I have been paying it up to now ,after the 6 years from judgement they would have to apply now to the court. Which will be unlikely to give permission? thankyou
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