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  1. I am helping a friend claim back for both thier blue and green Amex cards. Both accounts are closed as he paid them off 18 months ago. Prelim was sent to which he received a response this morning. In it they state they have changed thier default charge on credit cards to £8 and charge cards to £10. They then go on to state that this represents the cost of administering default accounts. This took effect from July 06, but they were not prepared to backdate the decision. This is the first letter I have seen that openly admits they were over charging before. Anyway LBA sent today as 14 days now up.

  2. Hi Dolfos,

    Nice offer. Perhaps they misread the amount and thought you had the decimal point in the wrong place. I noticed previously you had been in contact with a solicitor, but didn't qualify for legal aid. You could ask him about after the event insurance. This is a policy Solicitors take out on behalf of thier clients to cover legal costs in the event that they lose. It is charged as a % of the estimated costs, but the premium can be defered.

  3. Your not asking for statements your asking for a list of charges. They just choose to send you statements. They will send you as far back as they hold which varies from bank to bank. Hopefully they have sold it on. this happened to me. I reclaimed the charges then offered the DCA 45% of the debt as full and final settlement which they accepted. This allowed me to settle other debts.

  4. Hi Harley,


    It does not matter a jot that it went to court, You can still claim. However, it is likely the CC company will pay the amount against the debt, but dependant on the amount you have been charged, this may well wipe out the debt and leave you some left over. I would definatly start claiming. Read the FAQ's first then the threads on the relevant card company before you start. That way you will know exactly what your getting into.


    I hope this helps

  5. Why would it affect your credit rating? They only way it will do that is if you owe them money and do not pay it. Even then, if your claim equals or exceeds the amount you owe, you should still be ok.

  6. Thanks Willow,


    All things considered, I think I did. The only thing is, they also paid the £35 court fee for the Tomlin order, so I think they were as releived as I was. I suppose, every time they go to court, the risk of them losing is always there however remote. I am glad to be rid of the stress. It also leaves me to concentrate on finishing off the Abbey.

  7. I have now pulled the claim. Originally they wanted thier full costs to date. After advice from Zoot I went back and told them I was withdrawing the ERC claim but not the charges. They then called back and offered to agrre no costs if I withdraw the entire claim. As the charges were only £200 ish I accepted. I would advise anyone to withdraw now. The consequences can be frightening. this could include as was threatend a charge on your property to cover the legal costs which could result in you losing your home.

  8. You will get this every six months or so. Write back and advise as your circumstances haven't changed, you will not be increasing your payments, but will continue to repay at the previous agreed rate.

  9. Hi Nikkido. First things first, do not ring Connaught under any circumstances. You are more likely to agree to something you will regret at a later date. Resend your income and expenditure to connaughts with offer of payment. State, you have already done this to Barclaycard but had no response. Stand firm and do not get pressured into paying more than you can afford. Look at the Stat demand again. Has it been stamped. It is not worth the paper it is written on if it hasn't. If it hasn't you also have the option of complaining against thier intimidation.

  10. I would write to them and send it recorded. Advise them, you have contacted them and made an arrangement. You have also submitted post dated cheques some of which have been cashed. On this basis any court action would result in it being defended and that any further inappropriate threats of litigation will be construed as harrassment.

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