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  1. It is of course up to you, but personally I would reject the offer and proceed with the claim. I wouldn't use a claims management company either. Some of these jokers will charge you up to 27% plus VAT for something you can do your self. However at the end of the day the choice is yours.

  2. Hi lula,


    I have gone for Stat interest. Although I have gone for contractual on my personal claims on the grounds of Custom or Usage I didnt have the courage to go for contractual on this amount. I did input it onto a contractual spreadsheet and it came out at £120k which scared the living daylights out of me. Has anyone any experience of the witness statement for the bundle?

  3. Having completed all my personal account, I decided to go after Natwest for the business account. I have completed the letter sending stage, the filing, beat thier Solicitors in thier attempt to obtain a stay and am now in the process of compiling the bundle. The amount claimed is just shy of £50k. Once I am successful with this one, I intend to reclaim the previous 11 years for which I have the statements for.:-D

  4. I have been helping a friend reclaim his charges. He obtained judgement in default due to FD's failure to submit thier bundle. At a hearing this afternoon thier counsel tried to get the judgement set aside and the action stayed. They lost the first part and judgement stands. However the judge stayed the case in quantum, which means he will not look at the interest issue until the OFT ruling. Bit of a pain, but at least they didn't get it all thier own way.

  5. If any of you like me have found it impossible to get through to DG solicitors, I have obtained the direct line of Debbie Daubney. She is none to happy when you ring her, but in my opinion thats just tough luck. If you get her voice mail, do not leave a message, just ring back later.


    The telephone number is : 0121 455 2141.

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  6. As the court have made an order, If DG fail to file the AQ by 30th July thier defence will be struck out. This means you will be able to file for summary judgement against them. I wouldn't hold your breath though as they are likely to file by then.

  7. Hi again Gem,


    I had to go back after Cap 1 to remove the default which I stupidly left out of my main claim. They settled last week, but when I spoke to Wendy Starr (cap 1's legal person) she stated Capital 1 have no intention of ever going to court over charges, so take heart and stick at it.

  8. Thats a tough one. It is quite difficult to seperate the interest on charges from that on your normal balance. Some on this site have claimed for contractual interest (myself included), but it can complicate things. Contractual interest is the interest rate charged by them ie 23.9%. If you go down this route, you claim it from the outset, in your prelim. If you decide to go down this route, I am more than happy to help you learn how to work it out, just ask.



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