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  1. Thanks erics. Yes I will keep the letter safe and wait for what rubbish scare tactics they are going to try next !! Emz Do you think I should reply to BW just to stress that I am aware of PoFA and that I will be defending any claim if made ? I am just thinking this would shut them up and stop them from even trying to claim. Thanks Emz
  2. Thank you so much silver and DX. Not a chance are they gonna scare me into paying. I will sit tight. Emz
  3. Hi, Would really appreciate some advise before my next step. A few months go I started receiving letters about parking charge i received from VCS from 2011 I had long ago forgotten about. I ignored the first few until I received one from BW Legal. After looking through threads on this forum I sent them a one line letter claiming I didn't know who the driver was at the time. Today I have received another letter from BW acknowledging my letter but also saying " we confirm that in the absence of driver details we are instructed to pursue you for payment of the outstanding balance" From reading through this forum am I right in thinking they are very wrong with it being before the 2012? I am thinking my next step should be to reply to BW stating this ? Any advice on what to do next would be great. Thank you in advance. Emz
  4. hiya, I have received another letter today from CRS, saying they would still like to reach an amicable resolution with me if I fail to respond to this letter they will have no option but to commence further legal action to recover the monies owed. They believe I am in breach of a legally binding contract and they MAY pursue a claim under this contract through the courts. Do I ignore or write to them to confirm I do not believe I owe this money to show them I am willing to fight and will not be bullied into paying this ridiculous amount (£171.47). Any advice would be really appreciated. thank you
  5. Hi Slick Thank you so much for your help so far. Since my last post I did as you said above and sent another letter. I received another letter dated 17th June from Harlands saying again that they do not have the permission to cancel my account and I need to contact my club. It was pretty long winded but that was the basis of the letter just repeating everything they have said before. I ignored it. Another letter arrived dated 22nd June saying they were disappointed that I had not responded to there previous correspondence and that they have now added another £25 fee on bringing the total to £94.98. If I do not call them by 2 July then my "debt" will be passed on to a debt recovery company and may result in court action. Should I continue to ignore? Thank you
  6. Hello again, I sent the letter to Harlands. I also have received two further letters from them. The first one I am assuming they sent out before receiving my letter, its says I have now incurred a further £25.00 admin fee . The second letter is a response to my letter, this one says I can only cancel my agreement directly X4less and that they strongly advise I get that in writing to them for my own records. It also says all my payments must be up to date. What is the best next step for me to take now with them? Thank you
  7. Hi Slick Thank you that's great. I cancelled the DD yesterday. I will now send letter ASAP. Emz
  8. Hiya, I would really appreciate some advice on my specific situation. I have been a member of x4less since may 2015 and have paid my membership by direct debit with no problems until my latest payment (may 2016) I didn't leave enough money in my bank account and the direct debit bounced. My bad . Yesterday I received a letter from Harlands saying they are going to take £9.99 (instalment amount) and £25.00 (admin fee) on 2nd June. I have been reading through the forums and know that these admin fees are not enforceable. What is the best way to go now? I am thinking cancel the direct debit asap. I also now want to cancel my membership. Any advice on the best way to go about this would be appreciated. Thank you Emz87 :)
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