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  1. I have one pic of part of the wheel taken a couple of days before as I took a photo to ensure I was ordering the correct tyre size. However it does show the scuff I already had with no chipping and pics taken after show the same scuff worsened with chipping surrounding it. Know I've probably not got a hope in hell of getting these cowboys and they'll probably continue wrecking alloys for the rest of their lives but there's no harm in trying to get justice
  2. Good morning. I took my car to get a new tyre fitted and after payment i discovered the alloy rims had been damaged quite badly . I addressed the issue with the garage and was told it wasnt them and they pointed out a knick i had on it previously and just resoluted to the wheel was already damaged and refused to take responsibility to the rims being damaged by their machine. Just wondering if anyone has any advice because clearly i am unhappy with the extent of damage they have caused and considering they are a national company im shocked with their unprofessional nature.
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