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  1. I'll give them a call to try to sort this, but I don't hold out much hope. The court threat is just npower saying they will apply for a hearing. Does the court have any obligation to contact me before a hearing for this take place or do I have to take npowers word and assume it is taking place?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for advice on the least painful way to deal with this. We received a letter from npower addressed to a company at our residential address. The letter is a threat to apply for a warrant to disconnect the electricity supply at this address. The letter is addressed to "XXX trading as YYY" at our address. We've lived here for two years and have not been an npower customer at any point. Checking our "Meter Point Administration Number" shows we're a customer of another supplier. About 100 metres away is the location of the company the letter should have been addressed to. They opened about a year ago. We started receiving letters addresses to them at our address about 6 months ago. All returned to sender until we got the one addressed to them or the occupier. Clearly the new company made a mistake opening their account or npower messed up not doing due diligence. Either way, nothing to do with us. Is it worth talking to npower customer services to explain this? I will make one attempt to resolve it but don't plan on wasting more time. My experience of utility customer service is not good for anything that deviates from their script Can our address be taken to court for a warrant without any other attempts to clarify they're chasing the correct person? Should I just turn up at the court on the date given with documentation to show this is nonsense? The court is at the other end of the road and I work from home, so not a lot of hassle to do. Any advice appreciated
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