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  1. Well there back lol,left a message on her phone ,to phone up and resolve the issue,zinc have achieved the square root of nothing they've sent it back to harlands or crs ,so we're back to where we started
  2. I thought I would update on this ,over 4 months has passed and I haven't had any more letters or phone calls,strangely gone quiet ,now that I have wrote this Ill probably have a letter drop through my door tomorrow
  3. Well my daughter received this letter from zinc, We have been instructed by our above noted clients in our capacity as credit management professionals to commence formal recovery proceedings against you for this outstanding amount. We would therefore like to offer you the opportunity to find a resolution before any further action is required,you can, Set up an affordable repayment plan(please call,email or visit wewanttosayyes.co.uk, Pay a one off settlement plan of £149.61 now or over 3 months. Please do not underestimate the seriousness of this matter and attend to this notice immediately,we are here to help and will be happy to assist you. How should I deal with this, I'm not in the least concerned by this letter it just seems very amaeturish,
  4. Hi, at the moment she's doesn't want to go through with a court case , if it comes to a point where she has to she will if that's the action these idiots take. She sent her cancellation By online system ,she received email I guessing it was automated email ,from cancellations@xercise4less.co.uk which shows the form that was submitted for cancelling, On this form it tells you not to cancel own dd , and she would be emailed on the address she provided confirming her cancellation and until she received confirmation email after all membership checks and verification processes have been followed no action will be taken on account ,these were boxes you had to tick before sending cancellation form ,she never received confirmation email At the bottom of the email ,the results of the submission may be viewed www.xcersise4less.co.uk , she's never actually logged into her account ,and only went to gym to join and never set foot in the place after that,this what's really annoying me when they are asking for more money.
  5. Hi, now my daughter is getting hassled with phone calls from these clowns ,she's ignoring them but they seem desparate to get in touch
  6. Quick update, Weve getting another letter from crs saying they are disappointed that th account is still in arrears, We believe you are in breach of legally binding contract,we may pursue a claim under the contract through the courts. 1. We will write a formal letter explaining what we are demanding and give you a final opportunity to pay/reply 2.if this failed to settle the matter we would issue proceedings against you in the county court 3.you could then , make the payment ending legal process,or dispute some or all of the money 4 if you dispute the amount was owed the court process would continue,then it continues with threats of ccj blah blah blah .
  7. Today my daughter received her first phone call from these clowns ,she didn't answer it just ignored it, I'm not worried at all about these idiots ,but trouble is my wife is a panicker and wants to try an sort it out with them over the phone.
  8. Quick update, Crs have sent her message ,the acc you have with us has fallen in arrears and we would like to resolve this,please call crs today, Strange they never phoned her,anyway I told her to ignore this
  9. Hi,I'll take I just ignore this letter for now ?
  10. Hi,quick update,I received this letter from crs We have been notified by your bank that your installment of £10 has been declined cancelled, You have therefore incurred a £25 administrative charge,making amount due £35, Now asking to call them up to pay arrears and set up new dd over phone, I have till 9th June to respond or they will taker further action to recover the account balance, What will I do here ignore for now.
  11. Hi ,just got my daughters dd installments from crs , the first payment due tomorrow for £10 , looking at the balance it's only £174 now they must have giving her A discount, anyway that's been cancelled , looks like there will be another £25 admin charge.
  12. She's definetly got the email,that's how I knew she had cancelled on 9th Jan,, read most of them threads on harland Terrible the way they go on
  13. Thank you,she's only ever had 1 current address but for some reason she put her ex boyfriend address when she joined. She cancelled her membership on 9/01/16 her last dd came out on 28th jan ,I actually told her to cancell her dd after that in case they kept taking money out . Sorry I missed your question that letter was sent to her current address,it is possible letters could have been sent to her ex boyfriends ,might have just threw them out
  14. Thank you slick ,yes she sent it by there online system,which she still has proof of sending,I only realized she had signed in her ex boy friends address who she has been back in touch and he says there has been no letters been sent there,
  15. Yes by dd ,there is no way im letting her do this,what do we do know ,phone them to cancell dd ,
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