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  1. Yes it is absurd. The claimant knows about the expenses from the Estate Accounts I sent every beneficiary.
  2. Thanks for that Andy. In summary 1 If he has not been retained by a beneficiary to make a complaint / claim about expenses incurred by the Administrator, then his claim is invalid. and 2 As he has not been retained to find beneficiaries by the Administrator, he has no entitlement to claim in his own right. Have I got that correct Thanks
  3. The Claimant is appointed by each Beneficiary individually.!
  4. No I have not checked with the beneficiaries if they have retained the Claimant......remember there are 30 of them and it could be any one of them. I suspect the claimant has not been retained by a beneficiary. In any case would the claim not be more 'legal' if it was in the name of a beneficiary.
  5. Yes. We now have 2 questions on the forum. Is the claimant a correct claimant. And has he a legitimate claim in the first place. My own opinion is in both cases he is wrong.......just want some feedback from you guys. Cheers
  6. The claim relates to the purchase of certificates to aid research into the family tree of the Deceased. The Deceased died intestate. The claimant was an agent for some of the beneficiaries. There were about 30 beneficiaries.
  7. Particulars of Claim This is a claim for the reimbursement of fees wrongfully deducted from the proceeds of an estate by the administrator. That's it!!
  8. Thank you for your response.......however I'm not sure what information you are looking for? Please explain further? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have received a claim from the small claims court. The claim relates to an Estate I was the administrator for. The claimant is not a beneficiary of the Estate but an agent for some of the beneficiaries. However, the name of a beneficiary is not stated on the claim form as I suspect the Agent has not been retained by any beneficiary to make this claim. Should I just reject this claim as it is not made by a beneficiary. The value of the claim is about £150 and I would be reasonably confident of winning the case but absolutely not 100% as it relates to expenses incurred in administering the Estate. It would be down to the court in their interpretation. Your comments would be much appreciated.
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