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  1. I am picking up the paperwork from HSBC today regarding the SAR request, they politely told me due to the amount of paperwork i may need a vehicle
  2. I am not 100% but im fairly sure i would have done.
  3. Was a sole trader when i took the loan out but company went LTD soon after so prob not relevant in this situation, i am still awaiting response from SAR request.
  4. I was paying it from my business account by standing order, last payment was 2014 according to the bank, then i shut business down and when we shut business was told everything was ok and bank account was shut, i was unaware that money was still owed on loan, my argument is i never received any notifications which had apparently gone to an address i lived at almost 11 years ago!!
  5. Not sure what that means? Apparently i paid something in 2014 which was only 2 years ago?
  6. yesterday i received a letter from HSBC which was in response to my email asking for more information. They confirm that it was to do with a small business loan, last credit was received on 1 august 2014 and it has an outstanding balance of £910.20, they state our records indicate a significant amount of correspondence was sent to the address held. I believe the address held was my address i moved out of in September 2005 over 10 years ago, the bank have all my updated info as i have 4 other accounts with them, i do not specifically recall telling them about change of address for this account but all other accounts were updated correctly 10 years ago, surely they have my address which i have lived in since 2005 and where i received all other account information from them? Now they have told me it is owed, i will arrange payment of the amount owed, this loan was taken out over 11 years ago !!! Surely they should have sent a default notice to my current address??
  7. I am a little concerned if I attempt to sue HSBC they will shut my other accounts, I have two successful companies plus personal accounts with them and with default would not be able to obtain another account, especially as businesses these days rely on electronic money, would they attempt to shut my other accounts?
  8. Would it be wise to email HSBC complaints department before receiving SAR info (if i get it) shouting my annoyance?
  9. Thanks that sounds like a plan, had a complaint with HSBC a few weeks ago with none communication regarding arranging a meeting and they gave me £100 in my account as apology
  10. Will have to see what the SAR's bring back, it is criminal how they twist regulations and have so much control over people, HSBC have never contacted me about any outstanding monies, i have no debt whatsoever except buy to let mortgages and everything is always paid when request to say i am pi@@ed off is an understatement.
  11. Credit File specifically says Arrow Global 12-02-2015 with my old address on. Will not call them further.
  12. Arrow Global Marked the default as 12/02/2015 Nothing has been paid to HSBC for approx 3 years as accounts were shut down. Also i have certainly never received a default notice? I have received no correspondence from HSBC regarding this matter whatsoever, i have personal and three other business accounts with them so they have my details.
  13. I have recently applied for a mortgage and found a default on my credit file from Arrow Global. The debt i believe is in relation to a business loan i took out with HSBC in 2005, the business was shut down approx 3 years ago as well as all associated accounts including i assumed the loan account, HSBC informed me nothing was owed when i shut the accounts, they even transferred some money that was in the current account to another business account i had with them. I received a letter from Arrow Global in April 2016 mentioning a debt and i contacted them directly for more information, they never returned my calls. I have spoken to HSBC this morning who have just said that the account was closed? They wouldnt give me any further information. I have spent years perfecting my credit rating and to say i am absolutely livid about this default is an understatement, my mortgage was rejected and my personal credit rating completely trashed. The default was put on in February 2015!!! What can i do, i have today sent SAR requests to both HSBC and Arrow Global as well as request for the record of default notice to Arrow Global. On my credit file the address for the default was a house i lived in over 10 years ago?? Latest letter says debt has been passed to Moorcroft Group PLC I am contemplating paying the amount owed £910 to mark it as satisfied but i dont want to pay what i have been told isnt owed, money is not an object and i will gladly pay whatever it costs to get this default removed.
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