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  1. not sure if i'm allowed to post links, but to answer your question I googled cag and lowell and this was one of the first results: http :// forums.moneysavingexpert.com/ showthread.php?t=2594633 EDIT. as I thought, I can't post link. But close the gaps on the above one, to see what I was talking about. Anyway, it's all good now, I've had some good advice without being told to post up pdfs, etc, so I'm comfortable. forget it.
  2. Good advice. Thanks mate. I'm on it first thing tomorrow. It's just in my nature with things like this that it's usually better to let sleeping dogs lie than start the whole letter tennis bollox. Appreciate the input. I'll let you know when it comes back whether a bark or a bite.
  3. Each month previous has a red D. It goes as far back as August 2012. It won't allow me to search back further than that.
  4. I've totally ignored the debt since 2007, when I left the UK. I had a bank account with Santander that I also defaulted on and left, which had a dd for £1 to Goldfish at the time - I've no idea how long they paid the pound for. But the Santander account is now SB and has dropped off my credit file. All my other liabilities have now dropped off too - except for the original goldfish credit card default which still shows as red D each month. That's why I thought it was now safe to go back on voters roll and register a UK address again. The letter looks like a typica
  5. Thanks. (Sorry for joining all aggressive, but I'm paranoid by nature and I just wanted to check first my post wasn't deleted to prove my point). Okay cool then. Let's start again, Any advice I can get will be greatly appreciated. I've got a credit card with Goldfish from 2004. I got into financial difficulty around 2007 and stopped even paying the minimum monthly payment. At the time the debt was about £6,000. (What blows my mind was my salary was around £14,000 pa at the time) but each few months they'd raise my limit until I had credit limit around £11,000! Go figure! But this
  6. Hello, I'm sure I'm probably starting off on the wrong foot. But I received a letter from Lowells yesterday morning. They've been assigned a debt which I'm 50/50 might be statute barred. I googled for help on how to handle them and your good selves came up, but also a lot of links warning me that this site gets paid by Lowells to get posters to reveal as much information as possible so they can use it. CAG is apparently letting Lowells post here and view threads, etc, and even certain posters keep asking for documents to be scanned up as pdfs so Lowells can get a better idea of who/wh
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