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  1. Thank you for replying - I tried the link honey Bee pasted but the link didn't do anything. Sorry for being thick but should I just copy and paste what has happened and the response from excel & IAS here?
  2. Help please. my appeal has been decline as anticipated but i'm unclear as to what happens next. I really didn't see the sign for charges it was pitch black and when I returned to the car within 10 minutes with the change for the machine the attendant wrote the ticket and still issued the charge while I was there - this has been ignored on appeal. They IAS claim state the signs were clear but this is simply not true but will not acknowledge the photo evidence was taken after the ticket was issued - it was one of those situations when I couldn't believe what was happening - they claim I was 5 mins over - I did pay the fee which was £3 on the evening not realising the chap was in the car park - i ran to my car but he carried on anyway. Sorry for rambling, I'm devastated! any advice please?
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