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  1. Thank you very much for this great information. I really appreciate all of the time and effort that everyone takes here to answer our questions.
  2. Thanks to all replies so far, but I think we may be going off the topic of my original question.
  3. My understanding of gifts, until I read your reply was that gifts would be subject to a seven year rule that is on a sliding scale. What you are in fact saying that a person cannot under any circumstances give an outright gift of property, or anything else for that matter to someone without paying tax on it. Are you sure what you are saying is correct or a guess?
  4. Hello, can anyone guide me through the steps I would need to take in order to transfer ownership of property worth 100k to a family member whereby no money changes hands please? Is it simple to do without the need for Lawyers etc ? I have looked on the Land Registry website but there are lots of forms to download on there and I'm unsure of exactly which ones I would need. Are there other forms on top of Land Registry forms to fill in? Many Thanks
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