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  1. Hi All, I have recently moved to a quiet village and live in a block of flats in the middle of it. We have allocated parking space for one car and there are additional parking spaces marked as 'visitors'. My partner use the marked space while I was parking on the visitor space. Mind you there are more than enough spaces for visitors there left, so thought this wouldn't be an issue. The reason I don't park on the street is that it is very narrow and if I park there some of the drivers will struggle to get passed, hence I rather to park on the visitors. There are no other signs such as 'private land' or anything like that, just says numbers on some spaces, and 'visitors' on the other. I just had a nasty letter placed on my windscreen by one of the neighbors, saying that I have just done trespassing as there are some 'regulations of the estate' that allow only bona fide visitors to park there and even that not longer than 2 days in any 14 days period, and if I am not a visitor I am not allowed to park there at all. Have not seen any 'regulations', notice boards, road markings other than that 'visitor' sign. Can they do anything to enforce it? It only is a printed letter not a PCN but I don't want to park and block anyone if I don't have to. (BTW road has no markings, sings or lines on it either). Many thanks for your input,
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