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  1. Hi Sorry, just a follow up to this. Arrow Global have written to me to confirm they cannot trace the original loan agreement or statements and therefore they will not be taking any action until this can be resolved (Fingers crossed I dont hear from them again!). However, there are 2 defaults regarding this alleged debt on my credit reference report with Experian . One from Arrow Global and one from Citifinance. Default dates on both are different. Ive contacted Experian to state that I feel these should be removed as they are in dispute and
  2. Thank you. I will do that . Im going to send a CCA off first as i want to see my original agreement (I sent a SAR off and have only just learnt from this site that is the reason they didnt send me the credit agreement). If they are unable to provide the credit agreement does this mean they cannot go ahead with any legal action?
  3. Thanks. I figured the SAR would include the CCA as well but obviously not. It was a SAR I sent , not a CCA so will get that sent off tomorrow. I think that Citifinancial no longer exist ? Can you please send me a link to where this post has been moved to? Thanks.
  4. Hi Yes of course I took out a loan with Citifinance in 2008 and my last payment to them was in 2011. ( thought I had settled this). Out of the blue in 2013 I received a letter from Arrow Global saying that the account had been purchased by themselves and the title of the letter was *Notice of Assignment*. At that point there was no request for any payment and their letter did not include a figure. In Feb 2014 they wrote to me again stating I owed £1200 and sent a notice of arrears letter. I did not contact them and they didnt send me any further letters.
  5. Hello Im new to the site and want to know where to post a problem Im having with Arrow Global (original loan with Citifinance in 2008) who are playing around regarding my requests for the original signed loan agreement. (They are saying they dont have to provide it to me?) Where would I post this please?
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